3 Common Summer Plumbing Issues

During summer, you need to enjoy the warm weather and relax with your family and friends. You can spend some time on the beach. The only issue is that the water system in your home will experience some issues during summer. Regardless of the season, it is important to have a plumber’s contact who will sort you promptly once you come across any issue.

Some of the common plumbing issues that you’ll experience during Summer include:

1. Sewer Line Backups

During summer, there are heavy showers that usually appear all of a sudden, and they can affect the sewer lines. The rain usually soaks into the dry ground, and the loose soil will get into the small cracks present in the sewer pipes, causing a blockage. The tree roots can also pose a major issue, such that the cracks present on the sewer lines will become larger. Procure plumbing services if there is an issue of water backing up in your bathroom.

2. Sprinkler Issues

With automatic sprinklers, the wear and tear is easily noticeable. You should always check the heads of the sprinklers for any damage. The hoses should also be checked to ensure there are no leaks. You need a significant amount of water during summer, and the leaks will lead to the wastage of such resources. If any parts need to be replaced, you can replace them at the local hardware store.

3. Blocked Toilet

No one wants to get home to a blocked toilet, especially during summer. Always remind the kids that they should not use excessive amounts of toilet paper. Baby wipes and food should also not be flushed down the toilet. A plunger will come in handy if there is a small blockage. For major issues, you should seek plumbing repair services.

Other common summer plumbing issues include:

a) Washing Machine Overload

During summer, your washing machine will strain. If you have many clothes, the washing machine will strain. To avoid some of these issues, plumbers recommend that you opt for a small load if you want to avoid blockages that will cause messy overflows. The hoses should be checked regularly to ensure there are no leakages. The washing machine should also not be placed close to the wall to avoid issues such as overheating.

b) Sump Pumps

Those who have a basement understand that such areas of the house are prone to issues such as flooding. As a result, you’ll need a sump pump. Ensure the pump is working well immediately after winter to avoid some issues during summer.

c) Clogged Garbage Disposal

During summer, people get to enjoy casual outdoor dining. People usually bring different food scraps, and some of them aren’t supposed to go down the garbage disposal pit. Corn cobs, bones, stones, melon rinds are not supposed to be thrown into a garbage disposal unit. Grease and oil can also close the disposal system.

Some of these plumbing problems should not ruin your summer. You can stop such issues by taking care of everything in your home. In extreme cases, the services being offered by plumbers will come in handy. Give it the attention it requires.

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