5 Benefits of Keeping Your Eavestrough Clean

The eavestroughs are important for maintaining the structural integrity, curb appeal, and aesthetics of your home. Nonetheless, when blocked by debris, objects, dirt, and other things, your home will be at risk of structural damage and expensive repair. This is why you must clean your eavestrough at least two times every year.

The 5 main benefits of cleaning your eavestrough regularly include:

1. It prevents water damage

One of the most terrifying issues a homeowner can deal with is water damage. If you don’t clean your eavestroughs, your property may be susceptible to structural damage as the foundation will be flooded. Apart from the compromised foundation, dirty eavestroughs can also lead to roof leaks which may destroy the floor, walls, and ceiling of your property.

Therefore, you should wait until things get out of hand. Take charge now by cleaning your eavestroughs.

2. It extends the lifespan of your roof

The second benefit of cleaning your eavestrough is that it extends the lifespan of your roof. Generally, heavy rainfall and snowfall can allow water and ice to accumulate on your roof. The risk increases when your eavestroughs are clogged by different items. This accumulated ice and water will put additional weight on the roof.

If left untreated, the roof may collapse as its shingles, fascia, and other parts are damaged by the accumulated water and ice. To prevent this, you must always clean your eavestroughs so that water will be drained from your roof properly.

3. It prevents pests, rodents, and bugs from breeding inside your property

Rats, mosquitoes, birds, mice, insects, etc. often nest in places filled with twigs, leaves, debris, etc. that often clog an eavestrough. So, if your eavestrough is dirty and filled with these items, you should expect rodents, pests, and bugs to come into your property. When breeding inside your property, these organisms can spread the West Nile virus and other deadly infections. They can even destroy some of your belongings such as furniture, wiring, and electronics.

So, it is crucial to prevent these animals from turning your building into their breeding place by cleaning your eavestroughs.

4. It protects your home from basement flooding

Although other factors can cause this problem, clogged eavestroughs can lead to basement flooding. When your eavestrough is dirty and blocked, rainwater will spill over from it. Hence, your basement may receive more water than necessary.

Notably, basement flooding can cause mold and mildew growth, allergic reactions, and even destroy your electronics, interior décor, furniture, etc. So, save yourself from potential losses by cleaning your eavestroughs.

5. It protects your landscaping

If your eavestroughs are dirty and blocked, water will fall directly from the roof to the ground around your home. As time goes on, the soil will be eroded while the plants and flowers around your property will be destroyed. Therefore, if you want to protect your landscaping, you should clean your eavestroughs regularly.

These are just a few of the benefits of keeping your eavestroughs clean.