5 Reasons To Invest In Exterior Wall Painting

Sun, rain, heat, cold, wind. The weather changes all the time, even within the same day, and then no facade remains beautiful, right? Not always. For the external walls painted with the same paint as the interior of the property, it is true: in a short time, the painting will be compromised. Still in doubt about the benefits? So, here are five reasons to choose the right product for your home part and also invest in professional painters like professional painters at Oahu for example:

  1. Goodbye, cracks and blisters! The Sun & Rain Waterproofing Paint Protection acts as a shield for walls and facades, forming an elastic rubberized film that withstands climate variations without swelling or peeling.
  2. Walls free of algae and mold. Coral’s renowned acrylic paint also has its version on the exterior line. Total Acrylic Sun & Rain Protection is indicated for those looking for a lot of resistance and greater coverage. In addition, it now has anti-algae action; that is, it keeps the walls protected and beautiful for longer.
  3. Protection against the dreaded infiltrations. The Waterproofing Sun & Rain Sealer Protection is another reinforcement to shield the external walls from the action of the weather. It works as a preparation for painting. High technology creates a flexible film that stretches and contracts with the wall.
  4. There are many color options: over 1,000 for Sun & Rain Protection Waterproofing Painting and 2,000 for Sun & Rain Protection Acrylic Total.
  5. Well-groomed slabs. It’s not just the walls that suffer from climate variations and, in particular, from humidity. There is the Sun & Rain Manta Liquid Protection for the slabs, specific to this part of the construction. It has high strength and filling power, acting against cracks, algae, and mold. It is an acrylic coating that easily adheres to the surface and can be molded directly onto slabs and roofs without traffic.

How Colors Work

Blue: encourages tranquility, mental clarity, security, harmony, and peace. It is a good shade to ease stress and help you have a peaceful sleep.

Yellow: represents happiness, youth, communication, intellectual stimulation, concentration, and creativity. It also helps to assess emotions from a rational point of view.

Red represents vigor, strength, eroticism, courage, stimulation, self-confidence, and aggressiveness. It can be effective in treating insecurity and libido problems.

Green: has to do with fertility, rest, hope, growth, planning, tenacity, and perseverance. It is recommended for moments of recovery and detox.

Orange: it is joy, energy, well-being, disposition, prosperity. A great ally to increase the appetite of children. It still helps to keep the mood jovial and lively.

Purple: linked to spirituality, religion, wisdom, nobility, occultism. It is a high vibrating color that helps people find answers within themselves. It doesn’t mean, of course, that you should paint the entire house the same shade to achieve a particular purpose.