Many people prefer one bedroom traditional studio apartment over luxury houses. The idea of living tiny and having all the space to oneself appeals to a lot of people. Furthermore, you do not have to deal with roommates, and there is no one to disturb your privacy and make noise. It sounds pretty impressive. The idea of a self-contained space decorated with personal choices proves economical and well suited for people who are on the move. Keeping minimal furnishings is nice but having a chesterfield wingback chair is a must for all.

What is a chesterfield wingback chair?

A wingback chair is commonly known as an easy chair. It is upholstered with the finest leather and s generally high back. Many of the stylish wingback chairs have armrests attached to both sides. Similarly, a chesterfield sofa is a timeless classic having a high back equally in proportion to sidearms. The back is fitted with deep buttons, nowadays with a velvet touch, and has nailhead trim.  The taller sofa legs are sure to catch the eyes of everyone in the room.

Origin of the wingback chair:

The original purpose was to support the occupant. The wingback chair is used to trap heat from the fireplace and keep the person warm. These chesterfield wingback chairs were quite common near the fireplace in ancestral times.

Stylish sofas for studio apartments:

Living in a studio apartment means sacrificing space to get comfortable and have all accessories in place. The tight corners and narrow hallway makes it even difficult to place furniture the way you want. Those struggling to spice up space, given below are some of the stylish sofas that quickly go with studio apartments.

  1. The Denver sofa:

This genuinely plush and fluffy sofa is the best among all sofas. It is entirely handcrafted and is usually kept in rooms and living rooms. The subtle silhouette and cool colors give an illusion of a bigger space. Additionally, the single deep cushion with two throw pillows is good enough for you and even guests. The cushions are removable hence making room for more people to sit back and enjoy a good afternoon.

  1. The Leanna Tufted Loveseat:

Again, a classic handcrafted wooden frame that is wrapped with leather. This sofa comes in various colors, but the walnut color is widely purchased. It is fitted with easy-to-clean polyester and gives an elegant look. This love seat comes with channel tufting along the side and back. The gold-tipped tapered legs look ageless, and the velvet fabric is sure to touch and feel. Though being classic, it is stain resistant and is good to get all curled up in it.

  1. Avec, the brass legs:

Inspired by the French designs, this sofa’s slim lines are all fit for small spaces. The retro arms and double seat cushions combined with a low tufted back are sure to stay in modern designs. It also comes in various sizes and is equipped with cotton velvet. The pillow is made up of soy-based polyfoam and fiber means it is environmentally friendly and is great on the pocket. The wire suspension and removable legs with a brass powder coat finish add detail to the room. You can custom design it and chose colors of velvet yourself.

  1. Chelsea apartment sofa:

This classic miniature package combines with a modern look fits in all inmate places. The industrial made is made with inviting shelter arms and fabric of the highest quality. It is also one cushion seat and is suitable for a small family. This package is trendy as it combines all modern lines with a chic look and is super functional.

  1. Tegan Gray loveseat:

A splash of vibrant color will instantly brighten up the room. You can accomplish this task by adorning the space with the Tegan Love seat. The combination of traditional designs is aesthetically appealing to all. It has high rest arms with a tufted button and is great for the end of the relaxing time. It brings versatility and sophistication to your apartment.

All these sofas come in various sizes ranging from 43 widths to 63 wide. The depth of the seat is usually 23 inches and is good enough for a cozy sleep. Furthermore, you can tailor them according to your needs and style.

Though all these classic sofas are functional in their way, no one can beat the style of the chesterfield wingback chair. It can alone add style and sophistication to the studio apartment.


The studio apartment will never lose importance. Since it is the permanent home for many, the apartment has to be decorated to the theme and mood. No matter what you purchase for the condo, many timeless and classic things, such as the chesterfield wingback sofa, will always convert the small space into glam. The room will appear more prominent, so why are you waiting? Scroll the internet and get the best deals around.