5 things to know before you replace windows

Window replacement is an excellent opportunity to improve your home’s window efficiency and comfort. Our experts say that using professional services to install new windows can help you access all the benefits of window replacement. Of course, if you’re unsure about this, you should keep reading. Next, we share the top 5 things to know before you replace windows. Let’s see whether this is the best solution for you!

#1 The average lifespan of a window

One of the things to know before you replace windows is how long do they last. Of course, there are numerous window materials of the highest quality you can opt from. Our experts say that the average lifespan of a window depends on many factors. Wear and tear, weather conditions, and installation approaches are all contributing factors. We recommend you avoid DIY installation approaches for window replacement since this can drastically diminish their lifespan.

#2 Replacing all windows at once

A common question homeowners ask about window replacement is whether to replace all windows at once. If you have the necessary budget, this is the best option for your home. But if you don’t want to invest too much, you can choose to replace windows in the front of the house and then moving to the back and upstairs when you have the financial means.

#3 Selecting a type of window

As you probably already know, there are several window types available on the market. For example, double-hung windows represent a top choice for most homeowners. But sliding windows are beneficial, too, since they offer a boost of style to any home. Before settling for a specific window type, you should discuss it with an expert. A window technician can help you choose the best replacement for your home.

#4 Selecting the glazing

When it comes to which type of glazing to choose for replacement windows, you should ask for expert advice. There are two main types of residential glass, both available with or without argon gas. A window technician can reveal the benefits of window glazing and how to choose the best one for your property.

#5 Suitable time of year for window replacement

Another thing to consider before you replace windows is the best time to do it. Our experts say that warmer weather is the best choice you have. Replacement windows are better installed during late spring, summer, and early fall. This depends on your personal preference, too. If you can manage the cold of replacing windows during the winter months, you can opt for this.

The takeaway

These are the top 5 things to know before you replace windows. Remember that you should avoid installing new windows by yourself. Only a window replacement contractor can follow the necessary steps to offer the best results. New windows are a long-term investment and will offer tremendous advantages to your home if installed correctly.