6 Essential Tips To Ensure a Smooth Moving House Process

Moving house is generally accepted to be quite a stressful moment in a person’s life but with this helpful list, hopefully you’ll find some advice that can serve to reduce the nerves and prepare you for the move. It’s also an exciting time as you now have the prospect of making a house into a home. However there is of course the move that has to be dealt with before this can begin! So let’s have a look at 10 suggestions that’ll help to reduce stress and make the move a straightforward and dare I say, enjoyable process.

1 – Organise

Now this one may seem obvious but organising and labelling the boxes is an essential part of the move and will really help when you’re looking for certain items to unpack in your new home. Categorisation also falls under this topic as packing your items by ‘room’ or ‘use’ – whatever format you like – really helps when unpacking everything into your new house. Even packing the boxes, it helps to have some organisation – heavy durable things at the bottom with lighter and perhaps more fragile items packing on top for instance. This always depends on the individual but it’s worth having some order to the packing of boxes so that the unpacking is also easy and efficient.

2 – Essentials

Having a box, bag or suitcase of your essentials to hand is a necessity – or certainly I have found that in my experience. Things like phone or laptop chargers, washbag and even unusual items like bin bags really helped to be close to hand when I moved house. Think of it as if you’re planning an overnight stay and what things you’d want to have immediately accessible for the move just so you don’t have to waste time trying to search for it among the masses of boxed belongings.

3 – Declutter

Moving house is a really fantastic opportunity to reduce the stuff in your life. What I mean by this is that you have the perfect opportunity to get rid of unwanted or unnecessary items. And it doesn’t all have to be thrown away, a great deal of household items can be donated to charity so they have a chance of a second life in another home. You may find some things floating around in the attic that can be donated or maybe it really is time to let them go. Whatever the case, this presents a great opportunity to get an overall view of the items you’ve acquired and where reductions can be made.

4 – Change of Address

This one may feel a bit like stating the obvious but it’s definitely worth thinking about all the saved addresses that will need updating. Banks, utilities and doctors are the general ones but no doubt there will be more depending on the individual. For me personally, I just hated the idea of personal or sensitive mail not being sent to the correct address which was why I ensured that every account I had that posted mail was notified of my change of address.

5 – Valuables

It’s well worth keeping certain valuables, not only precious jewellery but also confidential documents for example, in a safe location for moving, probably all within a suitcase that you can take in your car for instance. While this suggestion is obviously for security reasons it’s also for peace of mind. Knowing that your confidential possessions are safe during a chaotic move is a huge benefit. Losing a toaster in the moving process is rather less significant than your passport for instance so do take care to keep your valuables close.

6 – Tell Your Neighbours

This is mostly for those employing removals companies to assist with the moving process. Let your neighbours know the move date in order to reserve parking space for the truck and so that their path is clear to safely load it. A quick note is recommended to politely request some patience during the day and it will no doubt go a long way. This is also true for the new neighbours to let them know when you’re arriving so that they can plan around it if necessary. It’s generally good practise to notify the neighbours in these situations.

Hopefully this list has served as a useful guide for those who are moving home and are looking for some top tips. Each situation is unique and there will certainly be some surprises and unforeseen events as it never goes smoothly. Having said this, I’m sure that this list can serve to prepare you for at least some of the journey!

Infographic Provided By Moving Leads Company, USA Home Listings