6 Tips When Working with a Foundation Repair Company

Repairing foundations is a challenge for property owners. The distress that comes from a damaged foundation requires swift attention, which calls for the need for repair. Property owners need to call foundation repair companies when the core structural part is damaged. Visit our website for further resources on foundation repair companies.

The major causes of foundation problems are water and movement, which begins at the structure foundation when the structure’s soil either swells or shrinks. Destruction of the substructure of a building can happen as a result of poor drainage, faulty plumbing system, or disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, and floods. 

Soil high in clay content experiences foundation damage the most. Therefore foundation repair companies need to come for an inspection to know what is happening below the structure.

When a property owner wants a foundation repair, contacting a professional with good years of experience is the best call. Here are six tips you need when working with a foundation repair company:

  • Know the Basics of Foundation Repair.

The knowledge you have will guide you in locating a quality company. If you are not aware of the basics of foundation, you might not be able to assess the company to know if they are up for the task.

  • Confirm if the Company Has the Proper LIcensing

Property owners must be sure their chosen contractor has the proper licensing in foundation repair. Selecting an unqualified company can result in enormous damages amounting to more money due to a lack of experience.

  • Confirm the Company’s Insurance

When a foundation company does not have insurance, you are at risk if an accident happens, and you might be the one to cover damages.

  • Check the Company’s Reputation

You can get this by asking friends and family or simply checking the company’s ratings. It’s not bad to ask for previous work carried out by the company.

  • Set your Budget

Before working with a foundation company, it’s important to set one’s budget so that you and the company can discuss the budget. Failure to do so will make you spend more than you have budgeted.

  • Book an Inspection

The company will specify the problem and provide a solution during the inspection process. Inspection will also outline the cost, and the time it will take to complete the project.

How Do I Prepare for Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair requires money, and property owners have to bear it. A professional has the technical knowledge to fix several structural problems. Some things must be done to help find repair companies. Thus you need to prepare.

  • Landscaping and Foundation

Your landscape plays a very important role during foundation repair. Therefore when getting your yard ready, consider re-landscaping. It can start by excavating plants away from the home’s walls to prevent water damage or re-grade the yard to promote decent drainage. Plants should be moved at least a few feet away from the foundation. It will prevent root damage and excess moisture from penetrating the area.

The next thing is to clear the land for easy access into the substructural part of your building. Some objects or materials may be hazardous to the professionals. Items like decorations should be withdrawn. Your priority is to make your surroundings clear, so removing debris and items, even your vehicle, may obstruct the foundation repair. It will enable Foundation repair companies to gain quick entry and repair. 

  • Plumbing

In most cases, foundation damage is caused by poor drainage, so while landscaping is crucial, finding a solution or preparing for plumbing Is likewise necessary. A plumber will be able to confirm if there are pre-existing leaks. Foundation repair companies need to be given adequate information and every checklist completed before attempting any repair.

  • Protect Your Home’s Interior

Repairs may require work performed inside. Therefore, if you don’t want your belongings destroyed, precautions must be taken to safeguard your home during the entire project.

There are ways to protect your interior are; here are a few:

  • Remove any furniture, debris, and decor to avoid hazards.
  • Areas where work is carried out, you should ensure objects are withdrawn from the wall.
  • For safety reasons, keep pets out of the building. Everyone living in the building should vacate when the repair takes place.
  • If you don’t want to remove your furniture, ensure they are covered.

What Should I Look for in a Foundation Company?

Finding the right foundation repair company might look difficult, but you don’t have to be a genius in the construction field before you get the right company.

The following signs below will prevent you from choosing the wrong team for your job.

  • Know if the person carrying out the inspection is a commissioned salesman. 

You are looking for a foundation repair company, and a salesman’s talents may not be what you are looking for. Salespeople are on commission and are charged to get the best transaction for them and the company. It may cause inflated prices or doing tasks that are not necessary. Many foundation repair companies don’t employ a sales team; therefore, you can be convinced your inspection is fair with no strings attached. 

  • Take note if the inspector provided a remedy on the spot.

An engineer who cannot give you a well-designed foundation repair plan right away can not get your trust. It shows a lack of proper qualifications, and your home foundation is sacred.

  • Confirm if the repair will be designed by a registered professional and submitted to the building department for structural review.

Homeowners should be skeptical about foundation repair companies that are reluctant to submit their designs for review. This review is approved by building authorities.

What Can I Expect From a Home Foundation Inspection?

Foundation inspection can take anywhere from 1-2 hours, although it varies depending on the property. The company will send inspectors to gather information concerning the property issues. Signs that made the homeowner reach out to the company.

Homeowners have different needs, such as fixing concrete, fixing cracked concrete, concrete repairing issues, or foundation settlement. 

The homeowner will walk around with the company’s inspecting team to show areas of concern and ask questions regarding the foundation repair. During the inspection, specialized tools are used for accurate measurement. Inspectors gear up in masks and protective gears before penetrating the crawl space.

According to HomeAdvisor, foundation inspection costs $300 to $600. Use experts to spot weaknesses or potential losses.


Property owners should understand that foundation damage is a serious problem. However, foundation repair companies are always there to restore the loss of value of your building, correct malfunctions and make your property safe for living.