A Guide on How to Seal Marble

Taking care of marble surfaces is not as easy as one would expect, especially when damaged. Once you have marble installed, whether on your countertops or other surfaces, you need to begin proper marble maintenance to keep it looking new. Sealing your marble is the best idea since it protects the marble from everyday wear and tear. A quality marble sealer and some necessary steps are crucial things you need to begin. Check below how to seal your marble like a pro.

1. Purchase a Marble Sealer

Ensure you purchase a sealer for sealing marble. Ask an expert to recommend you the best choice that is high-quality and durable. Before use, ensure you read the safety instructions.

2. Clean the Marble

If it is a marble countertop, remove everything from it, including food, appliances, and spices. Get a soft clean rag to eliminate all the dust and debris left on the marble. Ensure the marble is free from sealers, waxes, or coatings.

Clean the marble surface with a cleaner specifically designed for marble. When doing this, mist the marble cleaner and allow it to sit on the marble for roughly 30 seconds. Then wipe the surface clean with a sponge or cloth. Use a clean, dry towel to dry the marble surface.

3. Seal the Marble

You may use a clean cloth or a foam brush to apply the marble sealer to your marble surface. Ensure you let the sealer dry for about 10 minutes before buffing and removing the unabsorbed sealer.

Different stone surfaces tend to have varying rates of porosity. If your sealer absorbs into the surface in less than 10 minutes, multiple applications will then be needed. Keep applying until the sealer stays on the marble for more than 15 minutes. Do not allow the excess sealer to dry on the marble.

You need to complete this process in sections. As such, repeat steps two and three until the entire marble has been cleaned and sealed. An important fact to note is that the sealing process alone must be completed at least twice to ensure adequate coating and sealing of the marble.

4. Let the Sealer Dry

Once you have sealed the entire marble surface at least twice, allow it ample time to dry before replacing items. The time it takes to dry depends on the sealer type you purchased. Therefore, ensure you read the product’s instructions carefully before use.

5. Reseal

Note that not all marble surfaces require sealing. Ensure you speak to a professional at the time of purchase since various marble kinds have different needs. Sealing marble should be done at least on an annual basis since this will help them look as good as new. A good marble sealer should be able to protect your surface for three to five years.

Why You Need a Marble Sealer

A quality sealer from a reputable brand will keep your marble protected for years. With the help of a proper sealer, your marble will stay gleaming and new-looking. Finally, ensure your hands are always protected and store the remaining sealer properly to reuse in the future.