All You Need To Know About CFA Piling

CFA (continuous flight auger) piling is the newest technology to give a foundation of piles in almost any land with different conditions. Without CFA, builders would be required to use support fluid or casings in the weak or low-quality soil. But CFA piling makes the task a lot simpler, easier, and faster even when the soil condition is vulnerable.

In this process, a continuous flight auger is used to drill the pile into the soil to the decided depth. The auger gets filled with soil when it drills into the soil which helps to keep the stability of the hole made.

The next step starts when the auger is taken out of the hole. Immediately, the prepared mixture or grout is inserted through the opening of the auger and pumped to the foundation. Now as the auger is withdrawn the concrete or grout mixture fills the hole. Now reinforcement is quickly inserted into the fluid concrete and the piling is done.

What Is The Construction Procedure?

The process is quite simple and done by advanced machinery to achieve an accurate result. Let’s look into the procedures of CFA piling.

  • An expandable cap is fitted to the part of the auger to be inserted.
  • The auger is then penetrated through to soil to the needed depth.
  • Now, simultaneously concrete is injected into the hollow opening of the auger while the auger is withdrawn from the hole. This maintains the support of the hole.
  • Now, steel reinforcement is inserted through the liquid concrete just after the auger is removed.

The CFA piling procedure is extremely useful and helps to reach the ultimate accuracy of piling. As the hole is always supported it works perfectly in loose soil.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CFA Piling?

You may wonder why CFA piling is better than other piling options. Let us discuss the advantages.

  • The process is hassle-free creating minimum noise and vibration. The process is environmentally friendly.
  • The procedure requires minimal time and is faster than other piling processes.
  • For large-scale constructions, CFA piling is a cost-effective process.
  • Invulnerable soil, no extra casing is needed. It works well in unstable soil.
  • This piling works and fits well to almost any soil condition.
  • It adjusts in confined spaces too.

Irrespective of space and soil condition, CFA piling goes well with every condition providing top-notch piling solutions and accurate results.