Best Colors for Luxury Design 

Luxury interior designing goes further than just making the inside of your home look good. Interior designing deals with decorating a space whether it be a home space, an office, or even a private yacht. While luxury interior design goes further to include exquisite design elements to add many levels of grandeur to the space.

Colors Used in Luxury Interior Design

There are seven elements of interior design. These elements make up all the important things to consider when you are creating your interior designs. One of these elements is color. The color of a space can ruin or complement your interior. If the wrong color scheme is applied to a room, the aura it gives off will not be what you want. Colors like blue or green give a cool color effect and are soothing while warm colors like red and orange make a room warm and welcoming.

But what about colors meant for design for luxury? These colors often go beyond but still include cool and warm colors and bring an exceptional level of luxurious beauty to the space. Colors like Purple and Gold are associated with Majesty and Royalty and can be used to express those ideas. Also, contrasting colors can be mixed in the color palette and used in luxury design. Some of these luxurious colors palette mixtures may include:

  • Fuchsia ;
  • Magenta ;
  • Champagne ;
  • Vantablack ;
  • Turquoise ;
  • Beige ;
  • Mint green ;
  • Burnt Orange.

Rely on Miguel Rueda

Combining the right colors in luxury interior design is a complex practice. It takes careful consideration of the color schemes and knowledge of colors for anyone to pull. An inappropriate mix of colors or bad lighting could leave the space looking awful. This is why you need a professional team of interior designers to do your luxurious color designs for you.

At Miguel Rueda high-end architectural design firm, the team of designers will exceed all expectations with their flawless color designs. Also having a strong connection with other luxurious brands, Miguel Rueda and his design team can fit the entire space with the best of everything beyond colors. To discover more about their amazing luxurious interior designs, visit this link.


Colors are important to a space. Having the right professionals luxuriously design the interior of that space with the right luxurious colors will set that space apart as a space of elegance.