Brilliant Sliding Doors for Kitchen Renovation

Whether you are building a new house or renovating your old one, never ignore the importance of your kitchen interior design. Besides the countertops and cabinets, you should always pay heed to the type of door being installed. Many experts suggest installing sliding doors in the kitchen. These modern doors have a different mechanism from traditional doors and are considered a better fit in many house designs. Sliding doors comprise one, two, or more sashes where each is set on a specific track and moves horizontally within the frame. For easy movement, wheels are attached to the bottom of the sashes. If your kitchen interior design is small and requires space-efficient elements, the sliding door is a great idea as it occupies very little space. Listed below are a few brilliant sliding doors that you should definitely consider for your kitchen interior design:

01 of 05 Barn doors

Barn doors are very commonly used in contemporary homes. These are becoming popular because of their space-efficient design and unique look. The country-chic appearance makes it quite a versatile item and it easily compliments different colours and designs. To ensure that you can move a bard door conveniently, they are installed on rollers. They move very smoothly.

02 of 05 Pocket doors

Experts consider pocket doors an ideal addition to spaces that are compact and small. The track of the door is mounted inside the wall and the door occupies very little space. These are especially useful in places where you do not have enough space to swing open or close a traditional door. Given the limited amount of space in kitchens, pocket doors prove to be quite useful. You can install a pocket door in the basement, bathroom, or living room as well.

03 of 05 Shoji doors

Even though many people are not aware of shoji doors, most of them have seen something similar in movies. A shoji door basically resembles the look of a traditional Japanese door that slides open or close. Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, the shoji door has received immense popularity in contemporary kitchen interior designs. It stands out from the rest of the door designs and has a very appealing look. Many homeowners choose a shoji door for their home designs because it can be used to create a partition between two rooms when closed and adjoin them by opening it when necessary. If you need a partition in your house design, a shoji door is an excellent choice. You can opt for customised doors if you need premium quality shoji doors that easily blend in with your house design.

04 of 05 Glass sliding doors

You can never go wrong with a glass sliding door. It is one of the most commonly used door types across the world. Mostly, these sliding doors are preferred in contemporary setups owing to their sleek and minimalistic look. There are various benefits of installing a glass sliding door in your kitchen. For starters, glass sliding doors allow unrestricted flow of natural light to the indoors and ensure that every corner of the kitchen stays lit. Hence, installing sliding doors helps in reducing the utility bills by eliminating the need for artificial light in the kitchen. Further, sliding doors allow you to see through the door. It is a great option if you have a picturesque view of the outdoors. The sashes offer a clear view of the outdoors that increases the appeal of your kitchen interior design.

05 of 05 Glass and steel doors

Similar to glass doors, glass steel doors are a great choice for contemporary homes. They are made of a combination of steel and glass. Compared to glass sliding doors, these are more durable and sturdy as this door type features steel muntins. This blend of steel and glass gives these doors a unique appeal and makes them a perfect match for an industrial-style kitchen. They are quite heavy as well since steel is used for fabricating them.