Do Plumbers in Hamilton, NJ, Fix Water Heaters? (Tips for Whom to Call)

If your home’s water heater is on the fritz, should you call a plumber in Hamilton, NJ, or someone else? The short answer is yes, plumbers often fix water heaters along with other services they offer.

However, you might note some vital information on the best professional plumber in Hamilton NJ to call for your broken water heater! Also, note some tips on why a homeowner might avoid trying DIY repairs no matter the needed fixes. In turn, you know you’ll get the job done properly and as quickly as possible.

Does your water heater have a warranty?

If your water heater is just a few years old, it might still be under warranty. In many cases, you need to call a licensed plumber or other professional for needed fixes. Trying to fix a water heater yourself can void that warranty, resulting in otherwise avoidable repair costs!

Also, some warranties dictate that you use only a certified professional approved by the appliance manufacturer. Your chosen plumber might also need to use genuine, name-brand parts for repair or replacement. Ensure you’ve checked these details before calling a professional for your home’s damaged water heater.

Should you repair or replace that water heater?

In many cases, a homeowner might replace rather than repair a damaged water heater. For instance, appliances reaching the end of their expected lifespan are likely to soon break down completely. Also, manufacturers might not carry replacement parts for very old appliances.

Additionally, newer appliances often work more efficiently than older models. Consequently, you might enjoy lower utility costs with a new water heater. Higher quality insulation can also mean keeping water in the storage tank hot for as long as possible. In turn, the heater might cycle on less often, also lowering utility costs.

Also, note that older appliances often make a home less desirable to potential homebuyers. If you might put your house on the market in the next few years, consider a new water heater! An appliance just a few years old makes your house more attractive to buyers than an older heater.

With this in mind, you might call a plumber in Hamilton, NJ, to evaluate your heater and then install a new one. He or she can recommend the best appliance for your needs and ensure a quality installation. Above all, plumbers typically warranty their work, so you know you can count on that new heater to last for years!

Signs that your water heater is going out

If you’re not sure that your home’s heater is failing, call a plumber in Hamilton, NJ, if you notice any of these issues:

  • Discolored or gritty water
  • Water with odd or unpleasant smells
  • Inconsistent heating
  • No hot water at all!
  • Unusual sounds including hissing or banging
  • Leaks or any signs of excessive moisture around the appliance
  • Water from the taps doesn’t get warm enough
  • The appliance cycles on more often than usual

Also, consider calling a plumber in Hamilton, NJ, if your current water heater is ten years old or older. The appliance might be getting ready to fail by that time! Calling a plumber to install a new heater means continuous hot water when needed, without interruption.

Is it worth it to repair a water heater?

Whether or not you repair your water heater depends on a few factors including its age, as mentioned. In most cases, it’s not worth repairing an older appliance as it’s probably nearing the end of its expected lifespan. Also, manufacturers might not make parts for very old appliances. In turn, investing in a new one now can ensure it’s always working as expected.

Additionally, investing in a new water heater gives you the chance to upgrade to a larger storage tank. Consequently, you can enjoy hot water when needed and not worry about running out during busy mornings. A larger heater tank is also vital if you’ve invested in a larger dishwasher, washing machine, or other appliance that uses hot water.

On the other hand, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a new appliance simply because the old one needs repairs. In many cases, water heater fixes are faster and more affordable than homeowners might realize. In turn, investing in just a few hundred dollars can mean an appliance that keeps performing for many years to come. Your plumber in Hamilton, NJ, can also advise if you should invest in a new water heater or needed repairs.

Common problems with water heaters

A failed heating element is a common problem with a water heater. This part is relatively inexpensive and easy to repair. Also, improper settings can mean excessive water pressure that risks leaks around the tank. A plumber in Hamilton, NJ, can often adjust that setting and patch those leaks, ensuring a functioning heater is in good condition.