End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London: Answering Top Questions!

You are ready to move into a new home. As a tenant, you have the responsibility of ensuring that the current property is in a good condition, for the next tenant to move in. In most cases, tenants pay for end of tenancy cleaning, unless there was an agreement with the landlord that says otherwise. The good news is you can find many companies and local services in London, such as Citi Clean, which specialize in deep cleaning. Understandably, people have their questions with regards to such services. If you are looking for London tenancy cleaning, below are answers to a few important questions.

  1. Should you hire professional tenancy cleaning services?

Yes, absolutely. It is important to understand that end of tenancy cleaning is not just about dusting and mopping the floor. It is about cleaning everything that has accumulated dust and grime with use. From the door knobs, to inside of the refrigerator, everything must be cleaned to perfection. Hiring professional tenancy cleaning services always helps, and it is also an assurance for your landlord in a way. When the job is done right, you can expect to get your deposit back, without much fuss.

  1. How much does tenancy cleaning cost?

This depends on a bunch of factors, not merely the cleaning time. If you live a big apartment or property, you definitely need to pay more. Besides the size of the house, extent of cleaning needed, overall scope of the job, and other smaller details can influence the final price. Companies that offer services for end of tenancy cleaning London will usually offer an estimate an advance.

  1. Is there any guarantee on tenancy cleaning services?

The house will start gathering dust soon after cleaning is done. You don’t want to wait for a week to call your landlord for a check. In general, tenancy cleaning services offer a 24-hour warranty on the job, but this can vary from one company to another.

  1. Does the tenant (customer) pay for the supplies?

No. Most tenancy cleaners London will offer a quote that includes the cost of cleaning products, equipment, supplies, and tools that are needed for the job. You don’t need to pay additionally to the company for that.

  1. How to find a reliable tenancy cleaner in London?

Online reviews can be really handy for comparing your choices. You can alternatively check the range of services offered by tenancy cleaning company, to know them better.

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