Everything That is Involved in a CCTV Drain Survey

To preserve and maintain the cleanliness of your drainage system, it pays to know what is going inside your pipes. The perfect way to do that is with the help of a CCTV drain survey. Here you shall come to terms with everything related to the CCTV drain survey. You would also understand why you might need a drain survey and what goes into the process.

What You Should Be Knowing About CCTV Drain Survey?

To put it simply, a drain survey is a thorough inspection of your drainage, using state-of-the-art technology CCTV cameras that are installed inside your drains. The drainage cameras send us a live-feedback, enabling the drainage engineer to get a clear view of the drains, so the issues can be identified that are present inside the drains.

Why Would You Require a Survey of Your Drain?

CCTV surveys of the drain are a brilliant tool in a certain number of scenarios. For instance, before you buy a house, you can arrange for a pre-purchase drain survey. The survey would help generate an accurate review of the present condition of your property’s drain and will offer a clear picture of all the mandatory repairs that would be required in the future. The survey offers buyers the scope to make a well-informed decision before they put their signature on any contracts.

Homeowners might also require a CCTV drain survey when encountering an ongoing drainage problem. A proper drain survey can help get the root cause of the issue, so they are important if you are facing drain issues but don’t have an idea why.

The Equipment Used for Drain Survey

When you opt for a CCTV drain survey, a professional would pay a visit to your property with his selection of ready-to-use equipment and tools during the drain survey.

Here are some of the equipment that is used for drain surveys:

·        Waterproof Cameras

These cutting edge cameras are designed to function under the water and in enclosed spaces. They offer engineers with a good overview of your drains, including the regions that would otherwise remain unnoticed.

·        Access Rods

Access rods are flexible and are utilized to push the cameras into the drainage system, hence assisting them to get the corners and turns navigated.

·        Crawlers

The crawlers operated by remote are utilized to offer fast visual access to the sewer systems, offering brilliant mobility even in the pipes with obstruction.

·        Sonar Units

Sonar surveys are kept for filling pipes and offering acoustic profiling to access insight into the pipe condition where visual access is obstructed.

Now that you know what drain survey is, it’s time to book services from a professional. A drain survey can help you identify collapsed drains, tree root ingress and blockages of pipes, etc. A proper drain survey will help you fix the problems of drain and help you in addressing the root cause of it.