How Long Does Roof Installation in New Jersey Take?

Whether you are buying or building a new house, as a new homeowner, one key thing you have to consider seriously is the roof of the building. If you are buying a new home in New Jersey, you should consult experts for inspection that will determine whether you will need a roof installation service. And if you are building from scratch, you would want to know how long roof installation in New Jersey takes.

This article will discuss the importance of roof installation and how long roof installation service takes. Click here for more information on roof installs.

What Is a Roof?

The top covering of a building is the roof of a building, roofs are classified as per their functionality requirement, and it includes all the materials and construction important to support the walls of the building. The roof offers protection of the building against various weather and environmental conditions, including sun rays, wind, rain, and many other harsh conditions. 

What Are the Types of Roofs?

There are different types of roofs, and they can be categorized by the material used to build the roof, the shape and structural design of the roof, also the style and shape of the materials in which the roof is laid out also aid in categorization. 

Roof materials include; asphalt, wood, metal, rubber, clay, slate, tar, and gravel, and solar and green roofs. In New Jersey, the asphalt roof is the most common type of roof done by roof installation service providers for homes. 

Roof styles include; tiles, shingles, corrugated, and standing seam roof styles. In New Jersey, the shingle style is the most common type of roof. 

Roof structures include; gambrel, hip, mansard, flat, and gamble. The roof structure is dependent on the design and structure of the building to be roofed. Roof installation service providers in New Jersey would guide you on what roof structure would best meet your need. 

Why Is Proper Roof Installation Necessary?

A roof installation procedure determines a lot in the durability of a roof; therefore, it is important to do a proper roof installation to prevent roof problems. Since the fate of your roof is determined on the first day of installation, as this sets the bedrock for your roof’s durability, you must consult an expert roof installation service provider in New Jersey. Ensure you communicate your need and have a professional look into the building design to determine the best roof installation model for you. 

How Long Will Installing a New Roof Take?

The duration of installation depends on a lot of factors. However, the process is generally a fast one. One important determinant of the duration of installation is the type of building you are constructing. Is the building a residential or a commercial building? Generally, residential roof installation is faster than commercial roof installation. 

Whether you intend to replace your old roof or install your building roof for the first time, the first step is to get a quotation from a roof installation service provider. These experts would tell you exactly how long it will take to install your roof and its cost. However, generally in New Jersey, roof installation takes between a day to a week, depending on the structure and design of the building. Often, the most time-consuming process is carefully removing the old roof, especially if it has multiple layers of old roofing beneath it or if the roof is a very large one. 

How Long to Get a Quote?

It takes less than 24 hours to get a quotation for your roof installation. The first step is to consult a roof installation service provider in New Jersey. They come to the site of construction to discuss it with you. Some of the matters to be discussed include your intended design, which would guide you, recommending the best style depending on the building structure. It is very important that you discuss all your expectations with them and never forget that they are experts in their field; therefore, if they advise you against your design wish, you should be open to compromise. 

Generally, your quotation will depend on the work that needs to be done and the material required for your roof. Unlike in the old days were roof service providers gave quotation following a “ballpark estimate”, today we have cutting-edge technology and satellite images that gets an accurate measurement of the building roof, which helps the roof installation service provider in preparing a detailed project plan for you to evaluate the given quotation. 

What Are the Factors That Influence Your Roof Installation Timing?

Different factors contribute to the duration of installation of your building roof. Asides from considering the structure and how large your roof is, below are some of the factors that influence your roof installation timing.

The quality and type of roofing contractor: roof installation service providers vary in size and the crew they use to execute their projects. In New Jersey, reliable roofing contractors use hardworking experts of adequate size to fasten their execution time. A larger team will eradicate unnecessary costs like transportation costs compared to a smaller crew. 

Weather: while a very sunny day might not stop work, heavy rainfall could affect the duration of installing your roof. Installing a roof over a wat substructure may trap moisture that can cause mold, weakening the roof. A quality roofing contractor would not take such a risk and would weather a serious consideration before installation. 

Several other factors are considered when doing a replacement. The underlying roof issues and the roof design upgrades can also prolong the installation process. Your roofing contractor will put this into consideration. Although it prolongs the project, all underlying issues must be addressed. 


Roofs are very important; fortunately, the roof installation process doesn’t take much time. You must consult a roof installation service provider in New Jersey to ascertain the time required to install your roof. Home Advisor estimates that an average homeowner spends about $8,795 to install a new roof in New Jersey. You should consult a roofing contractor to get your quotation now.