How To Unblock Drains With Homemade Tools

Drains need to be clear all the time for easy water flow. Blocked drains create a lot of problems in the household. There are various reasons for blocked drains, and we have various ways to unblock drains sittingbourne. Let’s understand the reasons for blocked drains.

  • Letting down too much waste through the drains. This happens while washing dishes or clearing waste. Therefore clear the waste from dishes and then wash them, which will prevent waste accumulation in the drains.
  • Throwing small plastic covers into the drains. Plastic doesn’t allow water to flow through, causing a blockage. The drainage company sittingbourne suggests avoiding throwing any plastic things into the drains.
  • Animals or rodents in the drains might also create a blockage.

How To Identify Blocked Drains

  • The primary sign is slow water flow or no flow at all. Whenever there is a blockage, water flows slowly down the drain, and sometimes water stagnates at the same place for a couple of minutes which signifies blockage in the drains.
  • A foul smell is also a sign of blocked drains. It is a known fact that waste stagnation for more days results in a foul smell. If you’re experiencing a bad smell even after clearing the waste and cleaning your house, it’s better to check your drains.
  • Gurgling sounds from the drains also specify blocked drains. Due to the blockage, water flow is resistant to producing gurgling sounds.
  • Raised water level after flushing potentially signifies blockage. If the rise is more than expected, then the drains’ blockage is worse.
  • Wet floors and walls are also cases of blockage. Due to the accumulation of waste and water in a single place for more time, the surrounding area drains might get wet, resulting in wet floors and walls.

These are signs of blocked drains; to unblock drains sittingbourne, there are different ways. The two most common steps are calling for professional help or doing it yourself with homemade tools. Here are a few tips to clear the blockage yourself.

1. Removing The Waste From The Drains

Removing or clearing is possible only if the blockage is nearest to the drain’s opening. You only need to take a long u-shaped metal rod and disturb the blockage. Once the movement is free, bring the waste to the opening and throw it in the cover for disposal. Drainage company sittingbourne suggests remembering to cover your face while cleaning the drains.

2. Chemicals To Burn The Waste

According to the drainage company sittingbourne, the blockage is caused by plastic waste accumulation. Using chemicals to burn them is one reliable option. Vinegar, soda, dioxins, and other chemicals effectively burn chemicals. First, clear the blockage with a rod until the water can flow. Pour the chemicals into the drains and let the plastic burn, then pour hot water to clear the drains completely. Do not use highly concentrated chemicals as they might affect the walls of the drains.

These are the ways to unblock drains sittingbourne at home without professional help. If the problem seems bigger, it’s better to call for help.