Innovations in the Furniture Market

The furniture market is one of the biggest industries present in the current world. The industry keeps growing with progressing days. Furniture is like a basic necessity for everyone. No office, house or space is complete without good furniture. Therefore, the competition and the rush to manufacture good furniture are always pertinent in the furniture market.

As the year 2020 comes to an end, there were a few trends that were seen trending in the furniture industry, which is also likely to continue further in the coming times. This article is aimed at taking a dig at all those trends. So, hold on to your breath and be eager to know what was going in one of the most happening industries.

Trends in the Furniture Industry in 2020

  1. A Drive towards Eco-Friendly Furniture

The first and the most pertinent trends were the shift of focus towards eco-friendly furniture.  In recent times, the environmentalists have been very active and are driven to save the environment. So, the furniture industry indeed had to part ways with some rare wooden furniture.

Focusing on sustainability, the use of old recycled wood, plastic, acacia, bamboo, came into the picture. These materials could be very easily recycled, and therefore the need of cutting more trees got reduced.

  1. The Innovative Workspace Trend

Workspaces are also evolved gradually in the past years. With the change in the design of the workspace, the demand for furniture also changed. There was the inclusion of large open furniture to promote open spaces in the office. The use of technology-driven and innovative furniture like that of a DIY Standing desk also found its way into many offices.

The environment around the workspace transformed and therefore, the design of furniture crafted for offices also changed.

  1. Obesity and Large Furniture

Modern times saw a large number of people suffering from obesity. This demanded special furniture for such people. These types of furniture ought to be spacious, comfortable, and durable. Therefore, 2020 also saw a rise in the manufacturing of large furniture to accommodate obese people. The typical chairs designed to hold 300 pounds were now improvised to hold up to 600 pounds and above. This indeed was a great revelation.

  1. The Online Furniture Trend

The rise of the digital medium also gave way to the rise to the rise of online selling of furniture. There was a lot of websites that came across selling online furniture and delivering it to your doorsteps. There was also a change in the nature of buying off the people. People also liked and preferred online buying and resting of furniture.

  1. Customized Furniture

The concept of customized furniture is an old one. However, in the past few years, the concept received much love and acceptance. People were more driven towards buying customized furniture for their workspace as well as their home.

The customized furniture also included technological customization of the products. There was a rise in the popularity of customized automatic standing desk.


The furniture market, like every other industry, faced a few new and a few existing trends. Time is a great contributor to change, and the furniture market is sure to change even in the near future. There are constant developments which bring in a new wave of style. The increased stylization of furniture is also a new trend. The colours chose for the furniture also is a new concept.

The world around us is progressing, and we are expected to a match with it. The future trends in the furniture industry are expected to bring in a whole new wave of change. Stay tuned to these changes.