Learn how to fertilize succulents

Succulents are indoor plants which often belong to the cactus family, which normally growth desert or dry areas, where there is little water supply. Their bodies then have modified, where leaves and stem both look alike and are fleshy. So now they are part of your home where there is of course plenty of water and sunlight. This means we might tend to overdo the watering and the caring, because we love them, but caution is part of care. So below I have enlisted some easy ways in which you can care and also help better growth of the indoor succulent plant you have purchased.

  1. Just like other indoor plants, Succulents need enough light—at least six hours of full sun per day. The early morning sunlight from 7 a.m. to 12 noon is good, after which there can be unnecessary heating which means loss of water through transpiration
  2. Water properly. Yes this is very important that your Succulent gets water but the right amount, over watering ill harm the roots and cause them to rot due to water logging. The thumb rule is 2 tbsp per 9 inch pot once every alternate day, from the side of the pot
  3. Use the right pot and soil mix. The succulent is a native of the dry desert soil, so the soil needs more salt as most deserts were river beds long ago. So do add the right potting mix and nutrients once every fortnight- At Root bridges online indoor plant store we have a range of potting mixes to ensure your succulent is well treated, because the soil give minerals and salts which help the plants grow.
  4. Inspect your plants. Your succulents are like kids, they need to be checked regularly for disease and infection, which may appear as dead eaves, white patches, or changing colour of leaves. Please remove this potion and put is away, don’t bury in the same pot as the infection can spread. Check our On-line store Root Bridges for supplements to ensure your succulent is disease free.