Remodeling Tips to Improve Your Home Value

We all desire to live in a clean, beautiful, attractive, and appealing home. Most people are willing to invest in the construction process to ensure they get their dream home. Others are ready to buy an existing home and remodel it in a way that meets their expectations.

Well, remodeling a home isn’t an easy project. At times, it may seem never-unending. Friends may visit and wonder why you haven’t replaced the lighting fixtures or painted the kitchen cabinets. The to-do list grows while your budget shrinks.

The truth is, you cannot accomplish your remodeling needs at once. You have to prioritize what to do in the time and budget available.

Here are the basic remodeling tips that’ll increase your home value.

  1. Landscape and Curb Appeal

Yes, curb appeal plays a vital role in determining the property’s value. The property’s exterior gives the first impression of your home. Statistics show that this can increase the home value by five percent. As such, make sure the exterior decorations and paints are up to par.

But that’s not all! Check the property’s interior design. Opting for wood flooring will add to improving the property value. It helps sustain the impression created by the exterior design and décor.

  1. Remodel the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home. According to statistics, in a kitchen remodel, you can recoup 60% of your investment in case of a resale. However, you don’t want to go overboard by making the kitchen fancier than other rooms.

Sample kitchen remodels exercises include applying some paint. Take caution to buy the right paint which is cheaper and eco-friendly. Wood flooring may also improve the appeal while making your kitchen safer. Even better, you can replicate this improvement to other homes.

  1. Be Neutral

For most homeowners, a home remodel exercise improves the property value leading to a higher resale price. If that’s the case, stay neutral on your upgrades. Do the research and find out what most buyers look for when buying a house.

For instance, avoid painting a bold color of paint like purple in the dining room. A neutral color helps the buyer to visualize themselves living permanently in that home. Further, it’s also easier for the new homeowners to paint over the subdued paint.

  1. Undertake Basic Regular Updates

These basic updates improve property value by enhancing its functionality. Keep the paintwork fresh, replace wood that rots, fix a leaking roof and remove any mold you find. These tasks prevent your house from deteriorating over time. In short, these are the signs of routine maintenance that a buyer looks for in case of resale.


There are several reasons why people remodel their homes. Some want to attract a higher resale value while others want to live in a beautiful and appealing home.

Whatever the reason is, you have to be careful about the improvements you make. The scarce time and resources may not allow you to undertake a complete remodel. So, choose what to prioritize.

For instance, wood flooring is a widely preferred choice among most homeowners. As such, the property will sell faster and at a higher price.