Touch Screen Activity Tables For Care Homes

The Touch Screen Activity Tables For Care Homes is a multi-functional touch table that is completely integrated, flexible, and portable. 

The table is quite easy to use; it’s similar to using a smartphone or an iPad. Our tables, which are CQC, DQM, and Care Inspectorate certified, are a wonderful approach to improving residents’ well-being.

The Touch Screen Activity Tables For Care Homes is ideal for the Care Home environment due to its ability to provide ‘person-centered care’ via technology. 

Our care home table revolves around RemindMecare Software. RemindMecare is designed for the elderly, those living with dementia, those with learning difficulties, and those with cognitive impairment.

Technology for Dementia Patients:

‘People with dementia can nevertheless benefit from three key outcomes of play: sensation, relaxation, and remembrance.’

Technology energizes us and improves our lives. As a result, technology is an important barrier against dementia and Alzheimer’s. While no cure exists, research shows that mental stimulation lessens the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

There’s a common fear that a nursing home will isolate and immobilize their loved ones. They fear that their sole contact will be from family or staff. A Skype video call is one method residents can connect and stay in touch outside of the care home.

Residents can be engaged in former interests by browsing the internet and learning about its possibilities. We provide sensory and educational apps on all of our Care Home Interactive Tables.

Touch Screen Activity Tables For Care Homes

Each Touch Screen Activity Tables For Care Homes Edition includes a commercial-grade display and a rechargeable ‘built-in’ power supply. Eliminating the power cable eliminates trip hazards, making this a great alternative for care homes.

Due to the table’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, it is simply portable and can be utilized in any position within the care home. Each resident is welcome to participate in group activities, while others may choose a more intimate ‘one to one’ experience.

Features of Tables

  • Interactive:

Our fully interactive screen can accommodate up to ten simultaneous touches, facilitating cooperation and multi-user activities.

  • Adjustment of height and Tilt Electronically: 

The table’s electronic height and tilt adjustment enable it to be utilized in a sitting or standing posture, and the screen can be used as a table, screen, or lectern.

  • Optional Window Personal COmputer:

Additional Windows PCs provide access to a vast library of interactive multiplayer games, as well as online training resources.

  • APPS For Android:

An integrated Android operating system allows you to run a wide range of apps, ranging from sensory to cognitive training, that will keep users interested and entertained for hours. To add any apps, go to the Google Play Store and search for them.

  • Battery Option:

Eliminate the mains power lead, so eliminating a trip danger and allowing complete mobility. Allows for up to three hours of use between charges.

  • Portable touch screen table:

Our all-in-one care home solution. Constructed of durable materials and splash-proof glass.