Understand ceiling fans much better.

What do we know about ceiling fans? A basic cooling system is standard in every home. They are a type of appliance that helps to fill the space with a cool breeze. Apart from being a cooling machine, they are considered the most reasonable and energy-efficient.

A standard fan is present in every home with 4 or 5 blades with extra saving characteristics. But what we know less is about other fans that are not used in household or other uncommon features present.

In this article, we will understand fans more than what is we know generally. To enlighten yourself with information, before you want to buy fans online.

Energy saver

Do they save energy? The answer is yes. They are indeed energy savers. Fans use less energy than air cooler or air conditioners. In less extreme climates or any season, you can switch on a fan instead of an air conditioner, and it will consume just a fraction of energy. The AC unit’s average cost is 32-36 cents per hour but compared to ceiling fan, and the average cost is 1-2 cents per house.

The fan can help the AC system to work better.

Yes! That’s correct. Fans help the air to circulate all around the room. This allows the air conditioner to cool the air faster and make the room much more relaxed, even to the corner. When you use fans and use air conditioners less, it helps to enhance the energy efficiency and also the energy bill will be less.


People with delicate hearing may worry a little about the humming sound of the fan, which may interfere with their sleep. Fortunately, modern fans can save you from this as they are reticent and won’t interrupt your beauty sleep.

Different types of fan-

Fans are available in modern or contemporary styles. For some unique purposes, special fans are also made. There are few particular categories of fans for specific and less familiar places.

Commercial fan

By the name itself, you can understand the fan is not for domestic purposes. They are made for open buildings with high ceilings such as warehouses and inventory storage rooms. They are usually large and have heavy-duty motors.

Dual motor fans

Though they are decorative in function primarily, the wind flow by these fans is circulated not in one direction but more than one. Sounds fascinating! These fans have an installation point just like any other fan (in the central point). The motors are placed in these fans are two in the number set on either side of the casing. They are also used for commercial purposes like café or restaurants or any decor with a unique style just like these fans.

 Fans for outside

 In an outdoor environment, the requirements for a fan are much more than an indoor fan. For an outdoor purpose, comfort like in indoor space, weather resistance, and strong. Outdoor ceiling fans should be at least 6-7 feet from the floor, and there should be a distance from the walls or any other structure.

Closing thought

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