Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Energy bills can be extremely expensive—and they are due to get more expensive as the climate crisis worsens and the world plunges into conflict and economic turmoil once again. With this in mind, here are some simple ways in which you can save some money on your home energy bills.

Solar Power

Solar cells were invented all the way back in the 1950s, but they are only just starting to see widespread adoption in residential settings. Modern solar panels can produce a great deal of electricity—even in relatively cloudy climates. Using solar panels to supplement your conventional electricity supply can drastically reduce your reliance on energy supply companies and bring your bills down to size. Companies such as customsolarandleisure.com—based in Tuscon, Arizona—can help you work out how to use government tax credits to make solar panel installation more affordable.

Wind Or Water Power

Solar panels are not the only renewable energy devices that can be installed in residential homes. People living in windy areas can make use of wind turbines to produce energy—just as farmers once used them to bring water up from their wells. If you are lucky enough to be living near a stream or a fast-flowing river, you should definitely look into water power as a means of energy production. Water wheels and turbines are extremely efficient ways of turning the kinetic power of moving liquid into electricity. The installation of water-based energy production methods is generally not covered by any federal or state-level tax credit system, so you will have to have some significant savings in order to go ahead with an ambitious liquidous plan.


No fancy new technology is needed to make your home more energy efficient—just good insulation. A huge amount of heat is lost through the walls and ceiling of your home, and this makes heating a house expensive and inefficient in terms of energy use. The majority of the heat lost in a home is typically through the roof, so your efforts to insulate should start there. Modern insulating materials are extremely good at keeping heat out and do not have the same harmful fibers as old-fashioned fiberglass insulation. Professional insulators will check your entire house for drafts before going ahead with installation.

Smart Meter Installation

One of the simplest steps to take when trying to reduce your energy bills is to understand exactly how you are using electricity. Smart meters enable you to see trends in usage that can help you figure out ways to cut down on excess electricity consumption.


At the end of the day, the way you consume energy is likely to be one of the biggest factors in how much you are paying for it. Stay vigilant with the basics, such as lighting, heating, and leaving appliances on and you are going to see some pretty significant savings coming your way. If you are living in a house share or with a family, consider setting some ground rules together for energy use.