What Are the Best Woods for Your Furniture?

The wood that your wooden table top Singapore is made from greatly determines how the piece looks and how long it will last. Therefore, it is vital always to review the type of wood that any furniture is made from before making any major purchasing decision. If you are still wondering what the best wood for your dining room table or meeting table is, the answer is, it depends on several factors. For instance, some woods are better suited for outdoors than indoor furniture. Similarly, the style of furniture you want will also determine the type of wood you opt for.

Still, most people agree that the best woods for furniture mainly come from hardwood trees. So, if you have been asking yourself, is solid wood furniture best? The answer is yes. In this article, you will find out about some of the most favored woods used by craftsmen and carpenters to create beautiful pieces of furniture. While the type of wood you settle on will depend on your personal preference when furnishing your home, these are some all-time favorite woods.

  1. Walnut – Very strong and stable wood with Contrasting tones

Walnut wood is solid and durable for making furniture. It also carves well, holding its shape for many years. Therefore, walnut is ideal for making ornate furniture created using high levels of craftsmanship. By purchasing furniture made out of walnut, you will be investing in pieces that will stay in your family for generations. Walnut wood in North America varies from dark brown to white and has large burls. It grows in places like Louisiana, Texas, and Vermont.

Walnut also grows in the Caribbeans and Brazil. This wood’s grain is straight but becomes wavy closer to the roots. It is the perfect wood for ornate furniture with a lot of intricate details.

  1. Mahogany – Durable for Wooden Table Top

Mahogany belongs to the hardwood family, and it is durable and hence used for hard-wearing intricate furniture pieces. It has a pleasant fine, straight grain. Because of the sheer size of mahogany trees, it produces large wood boards. This makes it ideal for focal point furniture. Mahogany also adds a timeless, warm vibe to your space. As long as you care for your mahogany pieces correctly, they should remain in your family for generations.

This beautiful hardwood is native to South and Central America and Mexico. It also grows in Africa and throughout the tropics. Lately, African mahogany has been preferred to South American mahogany. However, you’ll find that most antique pieces are carved out of South American mahogany. This wood has different color variations, including pink, pale, and reddish-brown. Mahogany is the best wood if you want to furnish your home with elegant, timeless, and perhaps large pieces.

  1. Bamboo – Excellent and strong material

Bamboo is loved for its beautiful coloring and for being eco-friendly. Unlike most of these woods, bamboo falls under the grass family rather than the hardwood family. As it is grass, it grows rapidly, about 10-times faster than hardwoods. Bamboo is also loved because it is resistant to shrinkage and swelling.

This tree grows in all continents apart from Antarctica and Europe, and its color can vary from light to warm medium tones. Furniture made out of bamboo is versatile and is ideal for contemporary interior design. Bamboo last for years with proper maintenance.

Which wood table is best?

There are several other types of wood that work well for wooden table. They include maple, pine, oak, and birch. Before settling on furniture pieces, do your research. Custom table tops are instrumental in ensuring that you get a bespoke table that will work best for your lifestyle and needs at home.