What Are The Steps In The Routine Of Cleaning And Upkeep Of Condominiums?

Cleaning planning in condominiums can vary according to each case, and for that, it is necessary to identify the profile and needs to start an efficient plan. Planning the steps of a truly functional cleaning service will require a careful verification of the cleanliness-sensitive points of the place. To clarify even more, we will identify and learn the best steps to achieve an efficient and highly optimized routine and an easy and useful checklist.

  1. Trace The Condominium Profile

In this first step, it is essential to define the type of condominium, whether residential or business, and go further, if residential, is it a vertical or horizontal condominium? Thus, identify the flow of people in the environment, common areas (internal and external), and how often events take place in the place. In the case of a residential condominium, are there many children and a leisure area that needs special care?

  1. Trace The Technical Profile Of Cleaning And Conservation

Outlining the technical profile of cleaning and conservation of the condominium will help plan the routine of cleaning and conservation activities and determine the cleaning needed. Above all, it is essential to consider the degree of difficulty, risks, failures, and threats in this profile. What do you mean by risks and threats to clean up? There’s a lot to consider in the cleanliness and conservation of environments, and you can’t even imagine how much!

  1. Determine The Type Of Cleaning And Conservation Of The Condominium

The cleaning and maintenance of condominiums can be divided into at least three distinct categories, as follows:

General Cleaning

This is a complete cleaning of the condominium’s circulation areas, such as the concierge, entrance hall, elevators, garages, stairs, corridors, restrooms, changing rooms, cafeteria, and other common areas. And yet, in the common leisure areas, we can think about cleaning the gym, club, sports courts, barbecues, pool areas, party hall, children’s playgrounds, etc.!

Cleaning For Conservation

This type of work aims to maintain cleanliness and a good appearance. Tasks such as taking out the trash, cleaning furniture and surfaces, and caring for the garden and outdoor areas are among your needs. Here we have to remember the cleaning that requires, depending on the flow and use, several maintenances of general cleaning a day; this is common in toilets, elevators, entrance hall, and leisure areas.

And keep in mind that the condo must have a maintenance schedule because it will ensure that the cheap doesn’t become expensive upfront. It covers the cleaning of the pool and fountains, water tanks, facade, etc. This is the third step for cleaning and conserving condominiums, and it is from here, that the routine can be planned and put into practice.

It is clear that cleaning procedures will not work with quality without specific planning and rigorously executed (“Fulfill it”). Monitoring and supervising the routine helps a lot by supporting employees in the cleaning area, and we must also consider emergency cleaning calls that can happen at any time.

A company specialized in cleaning services such as euromaids cleaning company for instance can give the proper treatment to your condominium, facilitating all the work of managing the service and providing the quality that every resident and administrator expects.

Thus, outsourcing this service brings significant benefits to the condominium.

  • Improves the entire cleaning and conservation process
  • Streamlines and untangles condominium management
  • It’s more business
  • And it’s very strategic