What Is The Importance Of Skirting Boards In Interior Design?

Skirting boards are a crucial component of interior design that can often go overlooked. These boards are the strips of material that run along the base of the walls of your home, effectively hiding the joint between the wall and the floor. They offer practical and aesthetic benefits that can bring your interior design to the next level.

Protect Walls

One of the most important practical benefits of wooden skirting board is that they protect your walls from damage. In high-traffic areas, like living rooms, the walls can easily become scuffed or marked by shoes, furniture, or vacuum cleaners. The boards provide a barrier that shields the walls from knocks and scrapes, making them a vital element in maintaining the appearance of your home’s interior.

Enhance Aesthetics

In addition to their practical benefits, skirting boards can also play an instrumental role in enhancing the aesthetics of your home. These boards can complement the look and feel of the other design features in your home. For instance, if you have a modern aesthetic, you might opt for sleek and simple boards made of modern materials, such as chrome, stainless steel, or rubber.

Provides Dimension To Rooms

Another way that wooden skirting board can enhance your interior design is by giving depth and dimension to your rooms. They create a visual connection between the wall and the floor, grounding the room and providing a sense of solidity and texture. When choosing your boards, you can choose the size and shape that matches the room’s scale and complements the other textures in the space.

Hide Unsightly Cables

  • Skirting boards can also be of practical help in hiding unsightly wires and cables.
  • Electrical wires can need to be run to different parts of the room, and this can cause a tangled mess of wires running from one point to another.
  • The boards can hide these wires and ensure the room is neat and tidy.
  • This is useful if you have a home theatre or office that requires various devices and cables to operate.

Protect Against Insects

Another advantage of wooden skirting board is that they protect your home against unwanted visitors, such as rodents or insects. By covering the gaps between your flooring and the walls, you are effectively removing the route of entry of these creatures. It is common for these pests to use these gaps to enter your home. Thus, adding skirting boards can help keep your home bug-free.


In conclusion, skirting boards are an essential interior design element that can be overlooked. They offer many practical benefits, such as protecting your walls from damage, hiding unsightly cables, and preventing unwanted pests from entering your home. However, they can also add a dimension of aesthetic refinement to bring your interior design to the next level. By choosing the boards that complement your decor, you can create a visual connection between your space’s different elements, grounding the room and providing a sense of solidity and texture to your home.