What’s New in Bathroom Remodeling in Rhode Island?

A bathroom remodel in Rhode Island is an excellent investment! A professional renovation can mean added space and style even for smaller bathrooms. In many cases, reworking a bathroom can also add to your home’s values.

To ensure your project looks its best, check out some hot new trends for bathroom remodels in Rhode Island you’ll want to consider. You might also ask a real estate appraiser for advice on getting the best financial return on your renovation investment. In the end, you’ll enjoy a stunning new bathroom for many years to come!

What’s New for Bathroom Remodels in Rhode Island?

When considering any of these trends for a bathroom remodel in Rhode Island, remember to keep your renovation plans within your budget! Your bathroom should also complement the rest of your home in both size and style. These simple tips ensure you’ll love your new space from top to bottom!

  • Double or dual showerheads are a hot ticket item for bathrooms today. These typically include an overhead, rainwater showerhead and then another attached to the wall at a standard location.
  • Subway tile offers a classic look, but today’s design trends include bold, modern styles. Look for hexagon shapes, oversized tiles, rounded patterns, and other eye-catching details.
  • Custom storage is a hot ticket item for today’s bathrooms. Look for built-in storage areas around mirrors and walls, linen closets with divided compartments, and deep drawers in vanities.
  • Open shelving under sinks is also taking the place of traditional vanities. An open shelf means easier access to stored items and breaks up the look of all that wood!
  • Stylish mirrors are all the rage in today’s bathroom remodels in Rhode Island! Look for thick frames, unusual shapes, and other custom touches when mirror shopping.
  • Separate showers and tubs allow for a more relaxing soak, while allowing more space for the shower area.

What Are the New Colors for Bathrooms?

Color is a vital detail for any room! The right color can energize you in the morning or help you calm down after a stressful day. Also, master bathrooms are a great place to add some personality as you don’t need to worry about guests being overwhelmed by bold choices. When choosing new colors for your bathroom, consider a few simple tips along the way:

  • Comfort is vital! Working from home during the COVID-19 lockdowns caused many homeowners to value comfort over elaborate style and ornate details. Soothing shades of tan, sage green, and soft gray are favorites for today’s bathroom spaces.
  • Those who love bold colors might add a certain shade to just one wall in the bathroom space. Look for colors like turquoise, cobalt blue, and even charcoal.
  • If you prefer neutral white in the bathroom, be sure to dress it up with occasional pops of black or other strong shades. This will keep the bathroom from looking dull and drab.

Are Marble Bathrooms Outdated?

Marble is a classic surface material, as it’s very neutral and easy to clean. However, marble is also heavy, stains easily, and expensive! In turn, homeowners might wonder if it’s outdated, especially considering the wide range of other options on the market today.

First, note that dark marble is considered overdone and outdated. The darker the marble, the smaller your bathroom might look! Overly dark marble can also look a bit overwhelming versus cozy and welcoming.

Also, there are many other options available today that offer an upscale look for far less cost than marble. For example, quartz countertops provide a solid surface that’s easy to clean and that works well with a wide range of color schemes. Manufacturers also typically create quartz countertop materials by grinding quartz pieces that would otherwise end up in landfills! Consequently, quartz is as eco-friendly as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Are Bathtubs Out of Style for 2022?

Many homeowners are finding that they prefer more space for a walk-in shower, versus keeping a standard tub in the bathroom. In turn, many master bathroom remodels in Rhode Island forego a tub but might include seating in the shower, for comfortable bathing. Walk-in showers also allow someone to age easily in their home, without worrying about slipping and falling while trying to step over bathtub walls.

However, this doesn’t mean that bathtubs are completely out of style for 2022! If you have the space, you might opt for a separate soaker tub in the bath. Also, a homeowner might add a larger tub to a second bathroom that they can use when it’s time to relax!

Keep all these tips in mind when planning your bathroom remodel or any other update around the home. Checking out today’s trends can ensure that you avoid outdated features in a bathroom while adding updated style! In the end, you’ll be happy with your new bathroom space for many years to come.