Why Are Commercial Mats Essential?

Floor mats are used for a wide variety of situations and settings. But, in the commercial industry, they are an absolutely essential item to have. 

There are multiple reasons to have and use mats in a business setting. Marketing, cleanliness, and above all safety are all ways in which floor mats are useful in the commercial and business world.


In the realm of business and industry, marketing is absolutely key to furthering your brand or service. Companies spend large sums of money in an effort to gain notoriety and brand recognition in their market and target audience.

Floor mats can be a relatively inexpensive and very effective way to show off your company logo or slogan. Everyone walking close by will be reminded of the brand name and therefore be more prone to remember it the next time they’re in need of your company or its services.


Clean floors are an absolute necessity in every business setting. Would you want to return to a place with a giant mud hole inside the front door? 

Commercial entrance mats are an easy, inexpensive way to help cut drastically down on the amount of dirt and debris that is carried into a business on the shoes of patrons.

When you run a business, it is up to you to ensure the place is always clean and inviting to any patrons. So, companies either have to hire out commercial cleaning services, or put in the extra time and effort to do it themselves. That is a load that can be noticeably reduced with an entrance mat, and the proof will show on the mat itself.


Safety is, by far, the most important reason that commercial floor mats are essential to any workspace setting. There are different types of mats that serve different purposes related to the safety of not only the customers but also the employees. 

The proper placement of the right type of mat will make you glad you decided to have them.

  • Anti-fatigue mats: These are designed to go in workspaces where the employee is standing for longer time periods on hard surfaces like concrete or ceramic flooring. They are made with thick, soft rubber to help cut down on feet, leg, and back fatigue, strain, or even injury to those employees. Also, increasing the potential for productivity by creating a more comfortable working environment for the worker.
  • WaterHog mats: This type of mat is specifically designed to help keep water from getting in on the shoes of patrons or employees and causing a potential for a slip and fall injury and possible liability. The tough synthetic fabrics are able to withstand high traffic, weather, and UV light damage. The non-slip rubber backing ensures they won’t slip or move around while being walked on, and they are usually made with a water barrier wall along the outer edge.

For Commercial Mats, Essential May Be An Understatement

These are just a few very important reasons why you should make use of commercial floor mats. Seeing as they are definitely cost-effective and efficient when properly utilized, why would any business overlook such a simple solution to so many issues every business faces?

From protecting workers and customers from possible injury, protecting the company from liability in those instances, and even aiding with simple, yet effective, brand recognition and customer retention, there is no reason to not make use of commercial floor mats in your business. 

So, whether they bear your company name, logo, or just simply pad a workstation, mats are definitely a smart choice for any business owner.