Bay Window vs. Bow Window – What’s the Difference?

Bay and bow windows replacement have gained an increased popularity in the market and this is no doubt as a result of their intriguing features. In as much as they possess similar features, they can be different too. To help you select the best option for your home, we have highlighted some of the major differences between bay windows and bow windows. But, before we get into that, here’s a quick recap of what both windows are life, for those who may not know.

What is a bay window – and what is a bow window?

A bay window is a type of window that projects outwardly from the walls of a building and forms a bay-like structure. On the other hand, a bow window is a bow-shaped type of window that projects outwardly from the walls of a building. And here’s what you can expect from each one:

·        Internal room space

Both windows protrude externally thereby freeing up some inside space, but which window gives more room?  Definitely the bay window. Unlike the bow window, it is not just protruding but its intense angular structure allows for more floor space internally. The bow window creates more room too but its gentle curve offers little space compared to the sharp deep window panes. And you can get enough room for a book shelf or seat and enjoy the view of the sunset.

·        Illumination

As a result of the wide curvy structure of bow windows, light tends to penetrate better into the room which enables a brighter interior. A bay window also enables a light penetration but it is limited by the bay window panes. A bow window has more panes than a bay window and as such, enables better natural illumination.

·        Styling

Each window is associated with particular vicinities and styles of houses. A bay window provides the exterior of a building with a modern look. The distinct angular feature in this window is considered to be perfect for contemporary homes. On the other hand, the slight curvature of a bow window is commonly associated with the architecture of the English Renaissance period.

·        Wall size

Bow windows work better with large window wall sizes, especially during bow window replacement. This is because the space for replacement is often bigger than the windows fixed. A bow window replacement is usually wider than a bay window because of its lite. The wide glass size of a bow window also makes the home look larger and offers more ventilation.

With either of these windows, you can give your home an exotic and appealing look. It should be noted that the installation or repair of these windows is not an easy task so, be sure to contact a professional to make the switch!