Red Flags That You Need Water Softeners At Your Home In Salt Lake City UT!

Countless homes and businesses throughout the United States experience hard water issues, and this is a particularly troubling issue in regions like northern Utah.

Although hard water has somewhat become a norm that people are increasingly more accustomed to, there’s no denying how it can pose all sorts of frustrating issues on a daily basis. What’s even worse is that hard water can also initiate many costly plumbing repairs!

If you’re looking for water softeners salt lake city ut, you should be speaking with the plumbing experts over at Beehive Plumbing to figure out what type of system would work best for your home. The Beehive experts have also helped us out by providing this list of the most common red flags that they see at residential properties with hard water.

So, if you’re noticing any of the below issues at your house, it could mean that you need a water softener!

Abnormal Limescale Buildup

If you’re seeing any kind of white, scaly residue on your coffee pot or tea kettle, it means that your plumbing system is suffering from limescale buildup. Although limescale issues can be caused by many dilemmas, hard water just so happens to be one of the most common culprits.

Limescale doesn’t pose any potential health issues, but it definitely can be a nuisance in terms of how it impacts your pipes and creates clogs throughout your plumbing system. Limescale buildup also is very unattractive on your dishes and can be embarrassing when you have guests come over for parties.

The good news is that a water softener system can dramatically cut down your system’s limescale buildup through state-of-the-art ion exchange technology. This will get your dishes and plumbing fixtures looking and functioning normally again!

Your Glass Dishes Are Very Fragile & Break Easily

Glassware is particularly susceptible to hard water, and you’ll likely notice white stains on your glass dishes when you’re experiencing this type of dilemma. These stains aren’t only really difficult to get rid of, but they also make your dishes brittle and more susceptible to breaking.

Brittle glass dishes also aren’t just aesthetically unappealing, because they can put you and your family at risk of cutting yourself while drying and polishing dishes. Although you could try some temporary DIY fixes like baking soda and vinegar soaks, the most permanent way to resolve this issue is to install a water softener and protect your dishes for the long-term future!

Your Skin Feels Itchy or Dry

A lot of people who experience hard water issues notice that their skin and hair gets very itchy and/or dry. This is typically due to the excess amounts of magnesium and calcium salts that are commonly found in hard water, which tend to dry things out really quickly.

Although we tend to assume that water will nourish and hydrate our skin, hard water can often have the exact opposite effect—and soap only makes matters much worse due to it not dissolving well in hard water. Hard water is also known for blocking pores, which leads to rashes and inflammation.

The best way to combat these hard water issues is to install a water softener system at your home, because different soaps and shampoos aren’t going to help much at all!

Your Home Consistently Needs Plumbing Repairs

When your home has limescale buildup, it restricts water flow, decreases water pressure, creates leaks, and makes your appliances less efficient and more susceptible to needing replacements.

If your home’s plumbing system is needing repairs on a frequent basis, these costs can quickly add up and cause all sorts of wear and tear on your property. In many scenarios, it’s a better investment to install a water softener and try to proactively prevent the causes of future plumbing dilemmas!

Your Apparel Looks Faded

Are you noticing that your clothes and other linens look faded or even gray? Maybe your clothes feel less soft than they used to?

These types of changes to your clothing can be traced back to hard water minerals settling into apparel fibers, and although some detergents can help counteract this issue, they aren’t effective when combating significant issues associated with a property’s water supply.

The very best way to get your clothes feeling and looking normal again is to install a water softener system and guarantee that your property’s water is safe for your washing machine.

Abnormally High Water Bills

Hard water tends to cause your home’s appliances to use more water than they usually would need, which leads to water bill increases. If you’re noticing abnormally high water bills, it’s possible that hard water is the culprit.

The good news is that a water softener can reduce the minerals found within your plumbing system, which will then allow your appliances to function much more efficiently.

Reach Out To Beehive Plumbing When You Need A Water Softener In Salt Lake City UT!

There are many different reasons why your home might be experiencing hard water issues, and installing a water softener is typically your best option when it comes to reducing hard water symptoms—including the warning signs listed in the above sections.

The Beehive Plumbing team is one of the very best in Salt Lake City UT, and their water softener specialists are just a few clicks away when you go to their website through the hyperlink located at the top of this page!