Property Payoff: Tips To Increase Resale Value

Thinking about renovating your home to boost its resale value? Some renovations stand the test of time, while others might not give you the return you’re hoping for. So, where should you focus your efforts?

Start by putting yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. What catches their eye? Exterior improvements like a new garage door can make a great first impression. Inside, updated kitchens and bathrooms are always winners. These visual upgrades can really make your home stand out.

If you’ve already tackled the aesthetics, consider upgrading internal systems like electrical and plumbing. A well-functioning home is essential for buyers hoping to set their feet into the ground for the long-term.

For a similarly lasting impact, think about outdoor improvements. Adding a deck, pool, or sprucing up the landscaping can create a wow factor, especially for buyers who love to entertain.

Looking for more ideas? Check out the infographic supported within this post for additional tips on increasing your home’s resale value.

Property Payoff: Tips To Increase Resale Value provided by Synergy Builders, a bathroom remodeling company