Creative Ideas for Your New Paver Walkway


One of the easiest ways to add curb appeal to your property is with a paver walkway. If you want one for your home, you can search for “paving companies near me” and hire professionals to build one for you. Let’s check out a few creative ideas for your new paver walkway.

The Ideas

  1. Fill up gaps with green cover – People often like to use large pavers for constructing their walkways. You can make that even more interesting by incorporating some green cover in between the gaps of those pavers. Instead of aligning the pavers and filling up the gaps with sand, the walkway can be simpler without a foundational base.

Instead, the pavers can simply be placed over the flat ground with some form of protection against weed growth. Then you can fill up the gaps with grass pebbles, stones, or native ground covers. It creates exceptional visual interest without breaking the bank.

  1. Distinct patterns inside the path – One of the greatest advantages of pavers over concrete slabs or stone is that you get them in all kinds of shades, shapes, and textures. You can use that to your advantage and create a mix of sizes and colors to create unique patterns across the walkway. You can let loose all that creative juice and make all kinds of geometric patterns, floral designs, or even treat it as a blank canvas for creating an image with pavers.

This design doesn’t need you to spend an exorbitant amount of money. However, you’ll need to carefully think about the patterns you are going to create on your walkway and figure out the exact number of pavers of different sizes and colors for the project.

  1. Scented Walkway – As mentioned above, you can create a walkway with generous gaps between the pavers and fill them up with a green cover. If you’re up for it, there’s an even better design that stimulates both your sense of sight and smell.

Instead of a regular green cover, you can fill up the gaps with aromatic herbs and flowers. Instead of regular grass, you can plant moss with tiny fragrant flowers. The moss can even cover the edges of the pavers and make the walkway blend in with the yard. It creates a seamless design that will impress guests every time they visit your home.

  1. Uneven Edges – Instead of curating the perfect-sized pavers that align with each other perfectly and cutting them off to create a perfect line or curve, you can allow them to jet out. You can choose from a vast variety of different sized pavers, large, small, irregular, or anything else. Instead of adding a side skirt by cutting the pavers as necessary, let them extend out of your walkway. This creates a contrasting design that’s unique to your property. Break the convention of straight edges.
  1. Classic checkerboard – Everyone knows about the classic checkerboard. You’ve seen them at public parks, sideways and other places. Just because it’s a traditional design doesn’t mean that it can’t belong in your landscape. Instead of the classic monotonous checkerboard with two colors, you can create a checkerboard pattern that incorporates the color of your home.

You can also create a checkerboard with uni-colored pavers and green grass. Some people even go the extra mile and create entire board games on their walkway and patio. You can tie down the theme by adding landscape features that act or look like chess pieces. However, this would be an expensive endeavor.

  1. Walkway with a focal point – Who said that walkways need to be a bunch of pavers going on a straight line or curve. Instead, you can create a focal point along your walkway. You can make the pavers follow a path along with your garden and enlarge it to a large circular or square platform where you want people to stop and take a look. It can be beside a garden fountain, your favorite flower bed, or anything else. Some people also like to add custom patterns in the middle of those platforms with different colored pebbles.
  1. Add interest to landings – Walkways don’t need to be rigid and follow a uniform path either. If there are steep areas in your garden or backyard, you can create steps or landings along the walkway. It’s also an opportunity to change the width, design, and shape of your walkway without abruptly breaking the design.
  1. Walkway with mini-garden – You may not have enough space for growing all kinds of herbs and shrubs in your garden. Instead, you can use the real estate on your paver walkway to create a mini-garden. That means you can allocate small circular or square gaps in the walkway and use that space to grow small plants.

It can be anything from small exotic shrubs to a small herb garden. You can incorporate numerous such mini-gardens on your walkway. Just make sure that there is enough space for people to walk on the walkway without trampling over the plants. 

  1. Enhance your walkway – After you’re done designing and creating your walkway you need to add details to enhance it. These enhancements can add more value to your walkway and make it even more beautiful. For instance, you can use mulch at the border of the walkway to make it stand out or use grass to soften the edges.

You can light up the entire walkway or create a mysterious ambiance by highlighting certain parts of it. You can also light up steps in the walkway with a warmer light to suggest a change. If you have a large garden with ample space, you can also create destinations with seating areas, sculptures, specimen plants, or even a birdhouse.


As mentioned above, paver walkways allow you a lot of flexibility and customization for building the ideal walkway. You can allow your imagination to run wild and come up with ideas and designs that best suit your property. To execute that idea, you can search for “paving companies near me” and hire professionals for the job.