Leaking Toilet Repair: When to Contact a Professional Plumber

It might be a good idea to get your leaking toilet repair as soon as possible. While some challenges are easy to resolve, others are more challenging. Because a running toilet can be a sign of many different plumbing issues, it is frequently difficult to identify and pinpoint the issue. 

At that point, you need to get assistance from a qualified plumbing services Perth. You will also require the assistance of a water damage restoration specialist if the water has damaged the walls or flooring close to your toilet.

Common Reasons for Toilet Leaks and How to Identify Them

You must identify the source of the leak before you repair the leaky toilet. An old and worn-out flapper valve is the most frequent reason for a leaky toilet, but it isn’t always the culprit.

Here are a few of the most typical reasons why toilets leak.

Damaged Toilet Valve

Your toilet’s valves may be broken or worn out over time in addition to being defective. The valve type to check when analysing a leak are:

  • Flush Valve

Your toilet’s flushing action is controlled by a flush valve. If it’s broken, water will continue to flow down your bowl after the flush if it’s damaged.

  • Flapper Valve

If you remove the top of your toilet tank, you can view your flapper valve. This rubber flapper rises as you flush the toilet, allowing water to enter the bowl. A noisy toilet and a tank that fills up slowly are two classic indications of a malfunctioning flapper valve.

  • Fill Valve

The fill valve, sometimes referred to as the intake valve, allows water from the water source to enter your toilet tank. One telltale indicator of a leaky fill valve is a humming sound coming from your toilet that becomes increasingly louder over time.

Damage to the Toilet

Does your toilet have a ding or a crack? Your leak might be brought on by this. Fortunately, it’s simple to find these leaks. Keep an eye out for physical damage to the toilet bowl or tank, as well as any water that may be accumulating at the base of the toilet.

Seal Damage

When water collects at the base of your toilet, but there are no visible physical damages, your waterproof seal may not be functioning properly.

Damage to Water Supply 

Sewer line damage can be responsible for your toilet’s leak. This means that your leak may not be limited to your toilet, so check for wet flooring, unpleasant odours, and odd noises coming from any of your plumbing fixtures.

Sometimes it will be difficult to pinpoint the source of your toilet leak. Reliable plumbing services Perth will be able to pinpoint the precise source of a leaky toilet.

When to Seek Help from Qualified Plumbing Services Perth

Other leaking toilet repair is possible to accomplish on your own, but we don’t advise it unless you are very confident and have experience with similar chores.

The entire toilet tank, not just the tank cover, must be taken apart and reconnected in order to repair a flush valve. The entire toilet must be taken apart to repair a toilet seal. A smart place to start if you wish to make these improvements yourself is with a video guide.

You will unquestionably need a plumber’s assistance if a sewer line issue is the root of your toilet leak. Damage to sewer lines may also cause obstructions and related issues. In this situation, a plumber can help you with the leaking toilet repair.

The best option is to install a new toilet if your toilet bowl or tank is damaged. Plumbing services Perth with the appropriate credentials and licence, must install your new toilet.

How Can a Toilet Stop Leaking Water While You Wait?

Turn the shut-off valve to stop water flow to the toilet if you want to conserve water while you wait for a professional leaking toilet repair. If you have access to another toilet, you should consider this. If not, you can manually turn on and off the water supply each time you use the toilet.

Make sure you work with a professional who provides same-day services, as well as round-the-clock emergency assistance if you need professional leaking toilet repair when you need them most.

How Much Does a Professional Toilet Repair Cost?

Professional leaking toilet repair is typically well worth the investment. You’ll need to get all the necessary supplies when fixing a toilet. You should also think about how long it will take you to fix the toilet.

A skilled plumber can typically fix a toilet in a much shorter amount of time. They already have the necessary tools; however, there might be a fee for replacement parts.

The plumber’s hourly rate will be the primary expense for your toilet repairs. Ask prospective plumbing services Perth and the surrounding area about their hourly rate and any additional fees associated with your service.

You’ll also need to purchase the new toilet yourself if you’re installing one. Although not included in the plumber’s bill, this is an expense you should take into account. In order to save money, demand set upfront quotations and seek out a trustworthy plumber that promises no additional costs. There are no callout costs, so you won’t have to pay for a plumber to visit your home, whether you need a plumber in Perth.