When Should You Replace Windows And Doors?

When you buy an old house that has its own charm one thing that needs your attention are the windows and doors waterloo. They may be still at good condition or they may need replacement. The question is how will you understand that the windows and doors need replacement?

You can look out for the following signs to find out if the windows and doors waterloo needs replacement or not.

You feel a draft of hot or cold air.

Even though many people love to live in old house they should not compromise on their comfort level and why should they! You may notice that hot summer air and cold winter air is entering your home even though the doors and windows are closed. You can go for temporary fix by sealing the windows. However, again soon they will wear out. Thus, if you feel draft of cold or hot air in your house. Consider it as a sign.

You find difficulty in operating the windows and doors

It is obvious that you should not find any problem in opening or closing your windows or door. However, if the truth is something different then you must give it a different thought. It’s the balance of the windows that keeps them open. If the balance stops working properly then windows will not work properly. In case you find such situation you can give a thought for replacing the windows.

Light enters through closed windows and doors

If the window is closed then you should not notice nay light coming through the sill or the window casing. This is true for doors also, there should not be any light coming from the frame. However, if you see light is entering even through closed window and doors you need to be careful. If the sill is worn out or there is gap in frame you must think of new doors and windows.

Energy bill becomes high

You must have idea about how much your energy bills should be. If you find that they are higher than they show then you need to understand that there can be problem with the windows and doors. There can be other issues too. Check them out first, if they are good enough then its your windows and door. They cannot insulate the home as they should and thus there is high energy bill. You may consider replacing doors and windows.