Why You Should Call a Professional to Remove House Mold

If you’re having problems with mold, then calling a mold professional is essential to prevent further spread. But little do homeowners know is that mold doesn’t appear unexpectedly. Early signs can help you prevent the spread of mold even when in the early stages. The most common sign is moisture, usually in areas of your home frequently exposed to water such as the bathroom or cellar. We asked the mold professionals at Elite Moisture Solutions in North Carolina what are the advantages of using experts instead of doing it yourself, and here’s what they said:

1.  They Know How To Do A Thorough And Proper Clean

It’s safe to say that mold isn’t something you should ignore or something that you can find a shortcut to. It can become a problem that can spread all throughout your house and pose a serious health hazard. The biggest mistake you can make is trying to deal with it on your own. Do know that if you aren’t an expert then the chances of successfully getting rid of mold are pretty slim. Not only will you waste time and energy in doing it, but you’ll also spend a lot of money on products that supposedly “do the job done”.

Mold needs a perfect environment to appear. And the best environment for it is areas with excessive moisture. So the early signs are already there, all you need to do is simply hire a professional that knows how to mitigate this issue.Hiring a pro is the only way to prevent further spread and stop potential health hazards.

2.  They Know How To Reduce Spread

Let’s assume that you’ve been clueless about it. You’ve got mold and is quickly spread throughout your house. What do you do next? Do you get bleach to eradicate it? Of course not as bleach doesn’t really get rid of mold or stop the spread. There is a common misconception that bleach can be a solution to stopping the spread. While bleach does indeed harm it, it does more harm to you. Let’s not forget the fact that bleach can pose a serious toxic threat to your safety. Instead of using half-proven methods to stop the spread, the best action to take is to hire a professional. Professional mold removal services are not only good at what they do, but they have the experience to back them up. They’re seasoned veterans in both removing and stopping the spread of mold.

3.  They Know How To Uncover the Source of the Spread

There is no point in beating a dead horse. Mold can be quite problematic, but no matter how hard you try it doesn’t seem to go away. Well, that’s because you’re not targeting the source of the spread and growth. Mold grows rapidly in all directions but it ultimately grows from the source. Thus, the only way to combat mold is to find the source of growth and spread. While not initially difficult, it can be quite tricky to pinpoint the source.

But if you’re having difficulties eradicating it, then chances are you’re not targeting the source. Thus, the next best course of action is to simply hire a professional as they provide an essential service that will protect your home and those that live in it.

4.  They Have the Right Tools

Being a professional also means having the right tools at your disposal. And for professional mold removal services, it is essential that they have the right tools for the job. And they certainly do, as this is their field of expertise. If you’re trying to remove mold on your own, chances are you won’t do a very good job since bleach won’t do the trick.  Among bleach, you might be tempted to use other products such as household cleaners and paints, but that only makes the problem much harder to deal with.

Instead, why not hire a professional to remove mold from your walls, wood, furniture, and any other part of your house.

Why You Should Remove Mold Immediately

While we did layout some of the reasons why you should hire a professional, let’s talk more about why you should do it immediately. Mold isn’t something you should mess around with, so make sure to read these next reasons.

·       It Can Cause Massive Problems

You’d be surprised to find out how effective mold can be at causing all sorts of problems. From the smell to some of the health hazards, mold spreads so fast that you can easily lose track of it. Since mold can infect anything it touches, you’ll quickly notice parts of your home covered in spores. It can easily infect your walls, ceiling, furniture, and everything else. When this is the case, you’ll notice the air smelling differently. The bad odor truly is the easiest way to uncover hidden mold, but that is usually a sign of something much more problematic. Smell is both an early sign but also a sign that things have gone too far. So it’s best that you hire a pro immediately than sit and suffer through the effects.

·       It Can Cause Allergies

One of the biggest fears surrounding mold is the fact that it can cause allergy symptoms. There are a couple of notable symptoms that you will start experiencing at the beginning. First off, your eyes will start itching and your nose will start bleeding. These at first might not directly point to the fact that you have mold, but the next ones certainly cement it. Following the itching and bleeding comes severe coughing and laborious breathing. These are more serious symptoms as you’ll quickly notice how difficult to cope with it can be. And the last set of symptoms includes painful headaches and chronic fatigue. You’ll quickly notice that you have less energy than you normally have and might forget a thing or two. Some cases report memory problems, but this only seems to be the case when homes experience a severe spread of mold.

Regardless, every single one of these symptoms can have a negative effect and pose a serious health hazard. Mold is especially dangerous for people suffering from asthma and other pulmonary diseases. The serious negative effects mold can have on your health is something you should underestimate. This is why you must not waste time and instead hire a professional to remove it from your house.

Mold removal services provide an essential service to households suffering from it. If the benefits weren’t enough to encourage you to hire a professional, then the negative effects certainly will. While you can certainly try and remove mold on your own, we would advise against it as you lack the experience and knowledge on how to successfully remove it from your home. Lastly, should you decide to remove the mold yourself, whatever you do, don’t use bleach to remove mold. Besides being toxic, it won’t remove the mold and can eat away at the surfaces you use it on.