All You Need To Know About Commercial Painting

Paintwork is just paintwork, right? Not exactly, commercial painting is much more intricate requiring a higher degree of professionalism and care. A fresh coat of paint professionally done gives your business premises an irresistible aura that is not only welcoming but also evokes brand loyalty.

For business owners and property managers, contracting a commercial painting company requires one to conduct due diligence on the potential suppliers. This can be quite resource-consuming and tedious especially when one doesn’t know what to look for. In this article, we will explore the building blocks to look for in getting a contractor to spruce your business premises.

Top Qualities in Commercial Painting Contractors

Business premises should be painted to reflect not only the brand but also the tone of the organization. To this end, the following are some of the characteristics to consider when seeking suppliers;

  • Punctuality – All projects have a timeline for when activities should start and finish. The best contractors should adhere strictly to the project timeframes to ensure other project activities aren’t delayed. A great source on this is previous clients that have worked with the supplier.
  • Competence – The contractors’ portfolio is a reliable source of information as to the quality of their work. The best in the business should make recommendations on the right type of paints, hues, and a number of coats to give your property a new lease of life.
  • Insurance – When painters are working at your location, anything can go wrong. It’s important to check that the contractor has the right type of insurance to avoid any suits in case a claim arises.
  • Cost – Project costs can escalate to unmanageable levels if they aren’t properly managed. When contracting suppliers, ensure to get a complete breakdown of the costs for the different materials and labor expenses. Most importantly, ensure the selected painter sticks to the agreed budget as per the contract terms.
  • Guarantees – Reputations are very important when you are sourcing or suppliers. Nevertheless, it’s important to get a written guarantee as to what they claim they can offer. This acts as a backup to the testimonials provided.

The shrewd business owner or property manager should also have a general understanding of what the difference is between commercial and residential painting. This is to remove any doubt as to what the expectation should be. These are some of the differences you should consider in your search for a supplier:

  • Size of the project – Also known as project scope, it defines the amount of work to be done and its complexity. Usually, residential areas require a smaller team and fewer colors compared to commercial properties. In selecting a supplier, one needs to understand the size of projects the prospective contractor has previously handled.
  • Equipment and paint required – With residential buildings, the outlook is usually for a look and feel that is homely and similar to the surroundings. However, for businesses, how neighbors paint their locations doesn’t really matter since you stick to your brand colors. Also, the complexity of the latter makes it all the more important to hire competent and experienced contractors.
  • Scheduling – Time is an essential element of any project. For simpler projects such as homes, the painter understands that the owners are quite flexible since painting can be done when dwellers are working. Contract to commercial property, the supplier has to be accommodating of the business needs and hours of operation. They should also be sensitive to the project schedule to avoid project creep and ballooning of costs.
  • Add-on services – Industrial painters offer a wider variety of services such as logo stenciling, metal painting, and brick waterproofing. It’s important to understand if the potential contractors have additional offerings to the basic paint job that can be the make or break of the whole project.


Aesthetics are an important aspect of the feel and touch a business premise has. Having a polished look from a great paint job can deliver this to both employees and customers.

The best painters understand this and optimize the psychology of colors to deliver an environment that is welcoming and great to be in. It also helps to extend the lifespan of the space and increase your property value from the additional services extended by contractors.