Has he had a better time to create an online business?

With the upward and unemployed economy for its homeless for several years, with the fact that online sales increase significantly year over the year, the answer would seem to be born, there has never been better Moment to start a business!

That said, there is a discussion about economic growth starting in Staller in some parts of the world, so what is the answer? Well, the reality is that there will never be a perfect time to create a business, whether online or offline and if you wait until everything is right, you will be old and gray and always waiting.

Online activity is certainly the growth sector at the moment and should continue to continue in the foreseeable future. It is also a viable addition to marketing channels for many offline companies.

In a recent study conducted by the Retail Research Center, who examined eight European and US countries, it was estimated that online sales combined for 2014 would exceed $ 518 billion (€ 379 billion). Which is an increase of 18.1% compared to the previous year. With regard to Europe, online sales are the strongest in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, which sets up 81.3% of purchases.

In terms of online sales as a percentage of retail sales, the United Kingdom is currently leading the 13.5% league table, closely followed by the United States out of 11.6% and Germany on 9.7%.

This impressive growth was fed by increased mobile purchases using smartphones and tablets, which represented in 2013 8.3% of online sales in Europe and 13.8% in the United States. These are final transaction figures, the navigation numbers are considerably higher. After all, it should be recalled that the world carries internet with them in their pockets and bags nowadays, navigating and buying online more online.

With a projected market and a projected growth rate, it is happening almost without saying that online activities are there to stay in the foreseeable future and offer an unequaled opportunity for those looking to create a business or expand a business existing.

Of course, this does not mean that everyone who decides to start an online business will be successful. There are a record number of start-ups and closures in this arena. For those who do however, rewards can be staggering.

So, how can you make sure that you are one of the winners rather than the losers? Well, a good place to start is to follow some of the rules of activity proven and tested. Your chances of success both online and off are greatly improved if you choose an activity sector in which you have previous experience.

However, if you choose to venture into an area outside your range of knowledge, make sure you get good advice on how to follow. Once again, the success rate is considerably improved if you are advised and supervised by a person who has been committed, done and knows what works and what does not work.