Impacts of digital technologies on electronic marketing

E-marketing is a concept that has, within a short time, captured the interest of marketers and is fundamental today if companies want to survive in this digital world. Electronic marketing can be described as the achievement of marketing goals through the use of electronic communication. Marketing specialists should identify customer needs to meet them more effectively to use the Internet as a means of communication.

Digital technologies are part of everyday life. The governments of several countries invest a lot in the ICT sector because technology is the future. In addition, digital technology expands the scope of marketing experts to the consumer experience of interactive marketing.

Marketing specialists have a range of tools to match digital technologies for electronic marketing purposes. Some of them have been developed in this article.

A digital camera is a device that records images and has become a very essential equipment in marketing today; Whether in traditional media or electronic media. A photo is an aspect of visual communication provided to customers who have information. This information determines whether customers are satisfied visually and if an acceptance or rejection action will prevail compared to the product photo. The digital camera is an indispensable tool needed for product communication. As a general rule, companies hire photo agencies or professional photographers for the creation of their photos.

However, with the constant innovation of digital technologies, photographers gradually leave their place to a much more efficient professional photo solution. This is the digital photo studio. A digital photo studio, also referred in the form of digital photocopy, is a quick way, very easy and secure in getting your product photos. These creative photo studios are available on the market.

The photo studios are easy ways to create photos of quality products. The needs of external photographers, lighting crews and graphic designers are not necessary. Constructive construct without special formations necessary for the manipulation of the digital workstation; Everyone can create professional quality photos in minutes. The software that comes is simple, easy to understand and efficient to use. In addition, it allows photos editing options. Also called the Creative Lightbox, these studios give you on-site results.

The digital photo studio lighting is constant and no other lighting configuration is required. In addition, no molded shadow is produced due to the effective symmetrical positioning of four lights in the studio. The possibility of macro photography is very true with such a workstation. Macro photos are close up of product photos. These photos are very attractive because they show very close product traits.

The most interesting thing on the digital photo studio is that 360 ° interactive animations and 3-dimensional animations can be obtained through clicks by anyone. In addition, sizes, weights and heights do not matter because there are different studios that correspond to various products, whether for small products, large products or major products. The digital photo studio, no doubt, is the ideal tool for product communication.

The computer game is another high interactive way to pay attention to the public, especially the attention of adolescents. Marketing specialists can advertise directly in the game itself. For example, a car game has the brand names of the car in the game, it promotes the brand name of car manufacturing. Marketing specialists can place their products in the game or can advertise online at multiplayer websites. Thus, computer games are an effective way to advertise with teens or youngest adults.

Social media slowly become a very powerful means of communication. The public for social networks has increased over the last three years and has reached an estimated audience of more than 300 million.