Web technology applications

When web technology has been introduced just before the turn of the century, it is only known applications were those of e-mail and discussion. Compared to this, technology is today applied successfully to perform many functions such as social networking, blogs, information search and the most important of all, e-commerce. The rapid evolution of this technology for having acquired the status of a powerful global force over a period of decade is definitely impressive if it is not amazing and espionage.

Social networking is a facet of web technology that started with websites such as Facebook and Orkut. Soon, these websites had millions of members around the world and served as platforms to overthrow friends and family members. Much of the viral nature acquired by the Internet is once the propagation of information via the word of mouth facilitated by these social networking sites.

A social network charger is blogged that serves as an online version of a newspaper in which professionals and experts from around the world can share their thoughts, their expertise and future plans with the global community.

A significant application of web technology, from Wikipedia, was launched in 2001 and quickly increased to classify as the 5th most popular Internet website. Known to provide quality information, this online articles repository is accessible by people around the world to search for information about any topic for free and without too much noise.

One of the largest applications of web technology is to facilitate online bank and negotiation, which has really expanded the use of the Internet as people who considered the net is a waste of time, an option provision of lucrative and practical income.