Steam Showers: An Overview of Features and Different Types

Modern bathrooms today feature some of the latest implements. Sleek design and fixtures such as hands-free toilets and sensor faucets not only look good but also improves the experience. And if you’re thinking about the latest luxury addition to a bathroom, steam showers are on top of the list. It transforms an ordinary shower cubicle by adding functions such as steam and jet showers. Thus, allowing you to recreate the same experience you’d only have in an expensive spa.

What are the key features of a steam shower?

To better understand how steam showers function, and whether it’s a feasible option for your next bathroom improvement, here are the basic features.

  • Steam spout. Depending on the design, spouts can let out steam forcefully or in soft billows. For smaller spaces, a better choice would be billowing steam because it can help control the temperature.
  • Shower seats. Most steam showers have built-in seats so you can enjoy the steam for longer. Modular designs may not have them so you may want to consider your options. Having a seat inside the shower is also safer, especially if you’re living with seniors.
  • Temperature control. Controlling the temperature will help you customise the experience. Not everyone enjoys scalding hot steam showers. A thermostat that automatically controls the temperature according to your preferred setting will reduce the inconvenience of manually controlling the temperature.
  • Vapour-proof glass. If you install a steam shower cubicle, fogging shouldn’t be a problem. But if you have one built from scratch, make sure steam doesn’t escape. This way, you can maintain efficiency and prevent fogging up the entire bathroom.
  • Ambient lighting. Bright lighting isn’t recommended for steam showers. You may want to have the option to control lighting to make it dimmer and more relaxing.

Other features you may want to add to a steam shower include are slip-free floors and aromatherapy. Of course, it depends on your budget and the type of experience you want to have.

What type of steam should you get?

There are several types of steam showers to choose from. Each one has distinct pros and cons. The good thing is, there’s a perfect choice for varying needs. Pre-fabricated models are popular because they’re affordable and easy to install. Modular showers also come with a variety of features, different sizes, and styles. Another advantage of this type is that you don’t need to spend much on renovation. Installation is simple, and hassle-free too.

For those considering a bathroom upgrade and remodel, you can choose to have a custom-built steam shower added. This option is great because you can specify the style and design according to your preferences. You aren’t limited to out-of-the-box options, and can also choose which features to add to the shower.

If you still prefer a modular type steam shower but are willing to spend more, there are combination designs available. Combination models have additional spa-like features such as an adjacent sauna or whirlpool jets. With the different options available today, there’s a modular steam shower that will fit any budget or requirements, and space shouldn’t be an issue as well.

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Provided by McKay Vassaur – expert home builder in Temple TX