Pay Attention To your Drains: Drain Cleaning

Repairing, replacing, and mending the sewers is a very cumbersome and messy task. Digging up of the ground, uprooting the trees, and destruction of footpaths is filthy work. Water flooding, clogged drains, foul odor, slow draining are few problems that give rise to the cleaning of drains.

There are two ways to deal with clogged or cracked drains. Either go for drain replacement or drain lining. In Godalming, unblock drains are mostly a result of drain lining. This is because drain replacement comes with humongous responsibilities of venting out the whole drainage system and mingling with the surroundings. Drain replacement can be called a prerogative of the elites. For people living in societies and closely knit homes, drain lining is the optimal solution. In drain replacement, the whole framework of the drainage system needs to be changed. The epoxy-saturated pipe is tubed into the existing pipe in the drain lining, refurbishing the drainage system.

Essentials of Drain Cleaning

Drain lining is a long-lasting cure for broken or clogged drains. Let’s look into the details of the process:

  1. Inspection: a team of professionals first inspect the condition of your drainage system with a drain inspection camera. They make sure that your sewer needs the drain lining treatment.
  2. Cleaning And Measurements: The team then cleans the existing debris out of the drains. This process involves unblocking the drains. After this, they take the measurements of the girth of the pipe to estimate the measurements of saturated epoxy pipes.
  3. Epoxy Saturation: The epoxy pipe is saturated with the epoxy resin and is then flipped inside out. This resin is used to inflict cohesion with the walls of the cracked pipe.
  4. Insertion Of Pipes: Using special equipment, the epoxy pipe is inserted evenly to surround the old pipe internally.
  5. Steaming: Using hot air or the blue-light LED, the pipe is dried up by sucking moisture out of it. This process requires up to 12 hours.
  6. Completion: After drying up, the drainage services can be restored, and Godalming unblock drains are ready!

Do You Need Drain Lining Or Drain Replacement?

While drain lining is the best solution for instances when your drains have a lineup problem, they are helpful when pipes have problems with joint integrity, cracks, etc. If you find multiple collapses or breakage in the drainage system or the pipes have deteriorated badly, then go for drain replacement.

Advantages Of Drain Lining

  • No excavation of the surroundings
  • No refurbishment of surroundings after drainage repair is done
  • The cost of repair is much less than the cost associated with replacement.
  • As efficient as drain replacement. The pipes restore their integrity, and the drainage system becomes perfect.
  • The best option for houses with limited space for excavation.


Drain lining can cost around $250 per foot, depending upon the situation and damage. On the contrary, drain replacement can add up to $15,000, which includes the cost of labor and repairs. Thus, choosing the best option for your drain is crucial.